Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words


By Another Name  (4/10/07)

Last night, I told class,
“There is no such thing
as a Writer’s Block.
There is only something
you don’t want to write
because you are afraid
to write it.”

This morning, I sit
staring at empty page,
seemingly waste time
chasing down inages,
one after another, only
to reject each in turn
because they don’t fit,
aren’t right,
won’t work…

Many years ago, after
first readning my poems,
my Mother said that when
I got really good at this,
perhaps I could find
other things to put
on paper. Something
other than myself,
my thoughts, my feelings…

Wonder if she knew,
even then, how really afraid
I have always been.

Elizabeth Crawford  published 8/30/10

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