Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words


Against Silence  (4/11/07)
       (for Lisa)

Raised in world of people
without ears, she has wrestled
forever against silence.

Taught herself to wear skin loosely,
like the big cats, protecting vital organs
from unsheathed claws hidden deep
in velvet promises.

Learned to snarl, using heat sensing
words, hurled her hurt across chasm
of still festering wounds, until she
grew old in the shouting.

Now sits alone, afraid of peace,
for cessation of battle
sounds too much like

Elizabeth Crawford  published 8/30/10


  1. Really like the metaphors used in your poem…the self-protection strategies that we all come up with from time to time.

    • SLP, yes we all do some of things at one point or another, but this person did all of them and more. It was sad to watch. Thanks for stopping to comment.


  2. apt piece!

    • Thank you Jingle, but I’m not sure I understand, apt in what way, and for what reason? This was an old piece of poetry that I found recently and wanted to use here because it had never seen daylight. It pertains to someone I knew many years ago. It is my intention to use this space for more of these older pieces, if I can find the time between responding to prompts, which doesn’t seem too likely right now, lol.


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