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“It’s Time To Come In Now”

For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt  A Kiss

“It’s Time To Come In Now”

Lips pressed against another’s.
Thirteen, first kiss
interrupted by upset father.

But, the boy came back
next night, to ask
if I’d teach his friend,

whom he loved like a brother,
to do this thing, I’d read
could make a heart flutter

like wings of caged bird
seeking ultimate freedom,
elemental need in human

beings to belong, but only
one to another.

Elizabeth Crawford  9/2/10


  1. signed .............bkm

    those first kisses as a young teenager…you got in this piece…there is nothing like them – – all you know is you want more…bkm

    • Actually, and I’m laughing when I say this, I wasn’t reall sure about wanting more, couldn’t decide which was worse: my father seeing it, or his request the next evening that I teach his friend. I found it all utterly confusing.


  2. Wonderfully written piece, kiss being a gift between two human souls in love (and only between those two people). Nice take on the prompt! =)


    • Thanks Weasel, but I was thirteen and very idealistic at the time, lol. I loosened up later. But, that’s a different story,


  3. I enjoyed your poem, Elizabeth. Behavior definitely sounds so thirteen-ish of that generation. Of course, my guess is that today’s thirteens might be more advanced in knowledge considering what all they can see on TV, movies, etc. LOL.

    • Mary, I would have to agree. My granddaughter is thirteen and she is a lot more mature than I ever dreamed of being at that age. I was confused more than anything, and not just by the kiss and request that followed. Life was confusing and still is at moments.


  4. Brings back my own memories… I think I got my first kiss at 13 also… but my dad never saw it, and I wasn’t asked to teach another, LOL. Delightful poetry!

    • Actually, I wasn’t at all pleased with it, back then, but find it quite funny now. Age, and the ability to look back through knowledge gained, helps a lot. The guy I really wanted my first kiss from had gone off to the seminary to become a priest, a few months before that. Rebellion can get you into a lot of trouble, especially at thirteen.


  5. hot and sweet kisses,
    lovely images!

    • Thank you Jingle, for reading and commenting,


  6. Great poem, Elizabeth! Thirteen was a painful time for me indeed…I could almost feel myself go white with humiliation reading this as I recalled my father putting a rude and abrupt end to any attempt at romance on my first date!

    This was a moment in time captured perfectly! Thank you…

    • Lynette, the thing is, my father never said a word to me other than to calmy say the words I used in the title of the poem. It didn’t occur to me until years later, that my dad, a very gentle and peace loving person, might have been more embarrassed than I was. But, I also agree with you that thirteen for some reason is painful. I should ask my granddaughter if that’s still true. thanks for your comments, and aren’t we lucky that we did grow up?


  7. Oh those kisses at thirteen. I hear you re the confusion, it confused me too. The poem is wonderful! I especially love “make a heart flutter like wings of caged bird seeking ultimate freedom.” Wow. Well done.

    • Hi Sherry, I think it confuses everyone. Girls because instead of being graceful, are most often a bit awkward or even clumsy due to all of the changes that occur, and boys for some of the same reasons. And the heart flutter was because of the image that came with the prompt. We would have thought that was so neat/cool when we were thirteen. Ahh, romance, that other cage for that fluttering bird.


  8. What a pretty poem and such true sentiments!

    • Thank you Pamela. The sentiments are real and thanks for noticing,


  9. Elizabeth,
    A wonderful read and obviously wonderful memories for you to recall.
    First kiss, so important!
    A lovely Thursday Prompt poem.
    Best wishes, Eileen

    • This memory mostly makes me laugh at the silliness of my own youth. Thanks for stopping by Eileen,


  10. You summed up thirteen the shock, embarrassment and confusion! Great job~

    • Thank you, Ellen. I wonder if thirteen will ever be anything else. Lol.


  11. As always beautiful poem dear..I love the way you make your point..the innocence being felt..

    • Rashmi, thank you for reading and commenting. No one else has mentioned the innocence and you make a good point. We’ve been discussing confusion, embarrassment, and even painful awkwardness. And the movement from innocence/ignorance to that of the beginnings of knowing would definitely be all of those things and more. Thank you,


  12. Dear Elizabeth,
    I love this journey to those magical years. You must have been quite a kisser!

    Isn’t this prompt wonderful? We just couldn’t stay away. It takes us in all directions.

    • Lol, Ninotaziz, it certainly did just that. As far as being a good kisser, I was totally inexperienced and it was all a bit of a fumble. Of course, in later years, I got a bit more practiced at the whole thing. And his friend was a bit of a geek who later ended up marrying a good friend of mine. And I doubt that he’d had all that much more experience himself. Now, his older brother was a different proposition. Experience does tell, lol.

      This was definitely a fun prompt, and I thought the image was perfect for the dreamy expectations of a thirteen year old, and all of those held underwater feelings. Thanks for commenting,


  13. Beautiful Header Image..
    Looks so much like what we used to with Compass Liner and Drawing Inks..
    Kiss.. so subtle imagery!!

    Loved it..

    • Olivia, I’m fairly certain that is how these Mandalas came into being. Again, I didn’t draw them, only colored them and there are two galleries of them on my Soul’s Music site. In fact, this header is only a small portion of one of those displayed there. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for stopping and commenting,


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