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for Writer’s Island prompt #22  Whimsy

Short Digression
Yes, I am built low
to the ground, soft and round,
with no protruding sharp edges.
But just because I look
like a mother, doesn’t mean
I’ll always be good at it.
There are days, many days,
when this mother would gift
you all to another, turn her back
and head for the mountains.

Get high on the blue of Montana
sky, eat chocolates, and smoke
cigarettes. Find the hole
in my soul, fill it with music
dance till my legs go limp,
or wrap themselves round
some strange cowboy riding west,
do my best never to look back

Elizabeth Crawford  9/25/10

*Notes: This is an old poem, written when I was still raising the last of my four children as a single parent. Although it was never published, it was a favorite with the audiences to whom I read, and a particular favorite with my children, who would sometimes ask for it specifically when they were a part of those audiences.


  1. I think there are days when all mothers, if they are honest with themselves and others, would wish to head for the mountains! This IS a good poem!

    • Thanks Mary and glad to see you here. I have always liked the poem and enjoyed reading it as well. And yes, no matter how much we may love them, there are always those days, lol.


  2. Eat chocolates??? What fun! A bright and glowing poem!

    • Yes Diane, without having to share them, lol. My kids knew exactly what I meant. Thanks for your kind words and am glad you enjoyed,


  3. You had me at “no protruding edges.”

    • Even though it was written a long time ago, when I got to those words I knew this one was going to be fun. And it was, simple, easy, and fun. Every Mother’s occasional fantasy. Thanks for commenting Marie Elena,


  4. hehe… I figured it must be an old poem, bet every mother feels like that at one time or another. Oh shoot, I just noticed Mary said almost the exact same thing – hey, must be true then. 😉 I agree with her too, that this is a good poem [emphasis mine] 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks Ruth, I have always liked it because I can’t help grinning when I read it. I like the “good” poem and will put it in my kudo box. Both of them, lol.


  5. this is great. I can totally relate. remember those “calgon take me away” commericials? this reminds me of them. Very whimsical poem, indeed.

    • shewriting, yes I remember those old commercials, and also remember how often I would immediately get up and go run a tub full of water and then lock the bathroom door. I don’t know which was better, the warm soak, or the locked door, lol.


  6. I really loved this. Just as I was reading it my daughter came on Skype and I read it to her. She said your first three lines described me to a T!

    • See Viv, I keep saying we have an awful lot in common, and we do. But then, I think every mother, if she is honest, has moments like this one. Whimsy mixed with a bit of humor has probably saved a great many children from a lot worse.


  7. I love this, Elizabeth; and I love that your children love it. That tells me that you might dream of such a change but you wouldn’t abandon your children for it.

    • tillybud, I think these moments of whimsy and fancy are a necessary thing in a mother’s existence. We’d go nuts otherwise, you know what they say about insanity inherited from your children? Once my children were in high school, I did take a vacation once a year and did head for the mountains. I also always returned and checked in with them while gone. And I believe they needed the break as much as I did.


  8. I think most mothers get to that stage. Well said.

    • Thank you Anthony, well said or not, it certainly seems to get a lot of agreement.


  9. A nicely controlled rant, written to be read out loud.

    • Hi Dick, yes if one can rant while grinning from ear to ear, which is what would happen when I read it aloud. I couldn’t help it, it had that good feeling about it,


  10. Elizabeth being a mother I can relate to this.
    I was also a single mother, but only to one child.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Pamela, thanks for reading and commenting. I really think this is a universal experience, perhaps one we don’t often speak of or about, but it certainly is real enough,


  11. systematicweasel

    Very whimsical read! Enjoyed the flow of this one! =)


    • Thanks Weasel, I’m just glad I remembered this poem, whimsy was a bit beyond me at the time. I’m glad I shared it.


  12. I can see why they loved it. Your words paint such an image of a woman needing a calgon moment! I really enjoyed reading this.

    • Hi Kristen, maybe I should have titled it Calgon Moment? But by the time I wrote this, all four of my children were taller than I was, and the title I chose was a play on that reality. Thanks for reading and commenting,


  13. “gift you all to one another” what a beautifully polite way of saying it!

    A grand fantasy. I have never been to Montana.

    • I have been and it was well worth the wait and the energy to get there. Had some of the most memorable encounters there and went back at the next opportunity and was not disappointed that I did. Thanks for your comments,


  14. Why Elizabeth, what an unexpected “punctuation” amidst all the rest! Such idyl thoughts as these indeed! (But of course, just kidding, and what else would cross the mind of most any mom I’d suspect.) Mother Goose was maybe never quite like this. I’m glad for you, including this.

    And isn’t it both right and ripe to include fantasies such as you’ve described? Most certainly, and a pleasant (being polite) whimsy it is. Thanks.

    • Neil, just as I found yours to be. The speaker in this poem is, hopefully, every mother. Because every mother was a woman first, with dreams and fantasies all her own. But, I have to admit, the Marlboro Man type always interested me, back then. Being a poet and a writer, I have always been blessed with an active imagination as are most.

      Thanks for the comments,


  15. TC if I say so myself. We will meet again in the mountains.

    • Ahh, I would love to go back to the mountains. We don’t have mountains here in Wisconsin, but we do have the most extraordinary array of shades of green that I’ve not seen anywhere else. I look forward to our meeting,


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