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Where Art Thou Muse…?


For Carry On Tuesday Prompt #73    Where Art Thou Muse…?

The prompt is the first line from a Shakespeare sonnet. We can use any or all of it, and change it to reflect modern language. I used the line for my title, and this is about as far removed from a Shakespearian sonnet as one can get.

Where Art Thou Muse…?

You’ve been avoiding me,
or I you. Gone before I wake
each morning, say you are
fishing, while I’m here wishing
you’d throw a line in my

You say you aren’t getting
any bites, not even a nibble,
while I wiggle like  a worm
crawling across an empty page,
looking for some hole to slide into.

Now, I sound like some nagging
fish-wife, complaining of a life
filled with chaos, too much
strife, relieved only by boredom.

You come back late, every night,
plop into bed and snore from utter
exhaustion. While I try to sleep,
only then do you speak in senseless
dream-filtered speech that can’t be
remembered later.

So, here’s the deal, I think we
both need a meal to sustain us.
Don’t throw back those little ones,
no matter how small, I promise
I’ll find a way to cook them all:
floured, fried, creamed soup, or even
a thickened chowder. Then we can
sit down, enjoy our repast, and you
won’t have to take a powder.

Elizabeth Crawford  10/4/10


  1. Elizabeth, this is very clever, very witty……….I love “here’s the deal, I think we both need a meal to sustain us – dont throw back the little ones, I’ll find a way to cook them” Awesome!

    • Hi Sherry, thank you for your kind words. I’ve been feeling a bit slow, especially where the poetry is concerned. However, when I read the prompt, I heard in my head, “she must have gone fishing.” I started laughing and the poem sort of wrote itself. Glad that you enjoyed it,


  2. Perfect metaphor! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Aunteiquary, it worked so I reeled it in. What can I say? I’m a fisher person, lol,


  3. “You say you aren’t getting
    any bites, not even a nibble,
    while I wiggle like a worm
    crawling across an empty page,
    looking for some hole to slide into.”

    My favorite stanza!

    • Am so glad you enjoyed it,


  4. I enjoyed your equation with your Muse – only when we love someone and treat them as an equal and friend do we speak to them in this way.

    • Nimaruichi, I know that I love my Muse, but am not always sure she loves me in return. However, I did find a response that asked the Muse if she was praying for that individual. I liked that thought, a lot.

      While actually writing this, I had a thought that my Muse might just as easily come back at me and say, “Stuff it honey, at least I’m trying. Why don’t you move your butt and cast a few lines out there yourself.” I thought that was very good advice and this poem is what I reeled in. Thank you Muse, lol. And thank you Nimaruichi for your wise words,


  5. Interesting take – who’s avoiding whom? liked the analogy to fishing throughout, and “fishing… wishing” in the same line, and the fish-wife who is “relieved… by boredom”. Nice altogether!

    • Thank you Ruth. It was pretty much tongue in cheek when I started but then got caught up in it and simply followed the leading. It made me laugh and filled my head with images. That made it worth the effort,


  6. Elizabeth, stunning, and funning – you are the master muse-teaser!
    ViV, at last back home.

    • Welcome back, have been missing you Viv. And thanks for the compliments. Not sure I’m a Master anything, but do know that my Muse lives within me and I’m the one who turns away far more quickly than she does. She usually wants to lead me to places I’d prefer not to go. And I promptly put on the psychic brakes and she has to tease me a bit to get me to take those first few steps. Finding that balance is always an interesting process.


  7. Most enjoyable read! So the muse goes fishing….?

    • Of course she goes fishing. The Muse is our soul, and leads us to those places that satisfy us and well as the ones that teach and guide us. My Muse often uses fishing as metaphor and I am more apt to follow when she does. She’s no dummy, that one,


  8. Enjoyable little poem.
    It reminds me of some of my much earlier writings where I thought I could make a comparison between any two things and make a poem about them. This is, I think, one of the most important aspects of poetry — taking complete strangers and molding them into a piece of art using words as the clay between them.
    It might make for an interesting challenge. Throw out a subject and an odd image, perhaps even a particular poetry form, and then see what forms of cleverness turn up.

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