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I Saw Sunday –Week 4

Come Join us for I Saw Sunday – a list of things you saw in the past week

And for Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Essential

__My eighth grandchild, hours after her birth. My youngest daughter was with her sister at the hospital and took pictures with her camera and sent them to me via email. Although I live 150 miles from where Kaelin was born, I saw her within hours of her birth. What a wonderful world we live in.

__Spent an entire afternoon roaming through a glorious fall day, getting whip lash trying to see all of Autumn’s glorious display. Peak color from the deepest mahogany red to an almost cream colored tan, so many different oranges I couldn’t possibly list all of them.

__A four month old Golden Retriever puppy, almost white in color, whose floppy ears and long legs bounced toward me in eagerness when I bent toward him and snapped my fingers. Love at first sight, while his owner looked on, the sublime pride of ownership written all over his face.

__The spidery words in my Mother’s journal,  left to me after her passing. Bits of her story, some I already knew, while others brought new awareness.

__Gift from a friend in Albequerque, when she tried to capture 500 hot-air balloons lifting off during the Annual Air Balloon Festival.


  1. How wonderful, what a joyous week you’ve had, a beautiful new grandaughter (congratulations!), autumn’s glorious display, a puppy, your mothers words and a sky full of balloons … yes it certainly is a wonderful world we live in! thank you for sharing it :o)

    • Hi Deborah and thank you for visiting my week. I really, really like these bits and pieces of observation for I Saw Sunday. It’s a lot like snippets of poetry. Just wish I had a camera, but then I’d probably quit writing, and that would be a complete disaster. Words are essential,


  2. Now THAT is a fantastic week! I can always count on you to give me something that I was never really thinking about, life and the joy of observing. Thanks as always!

    • Matt, so good to see you here. You should join us, these snippets can so easily turn into wonderful little details in stories and poems. And although there was an abundance of joy this week there was a funny bit of balance thrown in as well. Went looking for a different car, with something very specific in mind. Found it, better than I’d dreamed of, loaded and well within my price range. Took it for a drive and was elated. Six blocks from the dealership, the check engine light came on, lol. No wonder it was such a steal!
      Ahh, there is something about balance, isn’t there?


  3. Thank you for sharing your week, with your eyes wide open you gathered in a wondrous world. You were truly blessed this week!

    • Thank you Annell, I was that in so many ways. I love these notes from the past week, they are fun both to write and to read. Hope you consider joining us. It’s just plain fun,


  4. thank you for sharing these word and visual images! also, thanks for stopping by my site and sharing that accidental inspiration!

    • JP/Deborah, thank you for stopping and commenting. It’s always fun and interesting to share…except when it comes to chocolate.


  5. What a heart-warming post Elizabeth..I love the idea of ‘I saw Sunday’ The photos and words match perfectly – and congratulations on your beautiful new addition to the family..thanks as ever for your visit..Jae

    • Jae Rose, thanks for stopping and I hope you join us on I Saw Sunday. It really is fun to look back on the week and just jot down notes of the most important things, as well as the images they bring back.

      My granddaughter is doing just fine, settling in for her reign in her new home. And my mother’s words have presented me with a challenge I am both excited to find, and a bit scared to embrace. The hot-air balloons were frosting on the cake.


      • Thanks Elizabeth..I shall start looking for things to spot! Jae

  6. Elizabeth, I really enjoyed reading your post.

    Isn’t it amazing that modern technology has made the world smaller, a year ago I was able to get minute by minute updates on twitter as a friends partner went into labour! right through until the it’s a boy! announcement and then a photo of the new born posted onto their blog.

    All from the other side of the planet!

    Congratulation again on Kaelin, it is good to be part of the crowd of people around the world seeing her picture and welcoming her to the world. 🙂

    I also loved the puppy story, I could see the scene!

    Thanks for sharing what you saw this week. I hope to see you again next week too.

    Susannah 🙂

    • Susannah, thanks for the space and the idea to do this. I keep a daily journal which makes it much easier to have much of this at my finger tips. You will definitely see me again, it’s fun,


  7. What a lot of love and joy in your post. What I liked particularly is you reading you mother’s journal discovering new things about her and what made you.

    • Thank you Old Egg, that is the one that I find most intriguing. I love my new grandchild and will hopefully see her soon, but my Mother’s brief notations keep pulling me back to those pages.


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