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The Dragon Lullaby


For Carry On Tuesday prompt #74  Close your eyes,  have no fear

This prompt is the first words to the John Lennon song, Beautiful Boy.

The Dragon Lullaby
         (for Viv)

Close your eyes and have no fear
I’m sending a gift from way over here.

She’s as big as a house and her color
is red, she’ll make monsters flee,
fill them with dread. She’s a personal
friend, and loves what I love, can make
herself small, like a warm leather glove.

So, go off to sleep, and don’t have a fear,
she’s a dragon of old and has not one peer.

She will stay however long you need,
she’s given her word, and will pay no heed
to others bent on mischief and grief,
will brand them with fire, naming them thief.
She will stand watch all the while you sleep,
bring you flowers, and protect your keep.
She’s a guardian, takes task to heart,
will give you her all, til you tell her to part.

So, close your eyes and have not a fear,
the dragon comes close and will always
stay near.


  1. Interesting subject…….I liked it.

  2. Thank you Whitesnake, I wanted to cheer up a friend,


  3. Very calming

    • Thank you Nimaruichi, I was hoping for just that.


  4. Here must be the secret friend of Puff the Magic Dragon! This is delightful!

    • I have always loved Puff, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that some of my best friends are dragons. Thanks Gemma, for your thought provoking haiku, as well as your comments here,


  5. Thank you Elizabeth, you are a true friend. And the poem is very apposite!

    • Hi Viv, I’m so glad you like it. The dragon’s name is Marananthaheth, I call her Heth for short. She is red because she is about passion and protects the joy we find in what we do. I once wrote a story about her and our relationship. I laughed the entire time I wrote it. She rather liked it as well, be well my friend,


  6. What a wonderful gift for Viv!

    • Thank you Tilly Bud, for sharing her with me. Friendship is one of the best rewards for doing these prompts that I can think of. Priceless, as far as I’m concerned.


  7. Dear Elizabeth It is a tender work. Very comforting that dragon. Thank you

    • Annell, thank you for saying that. It was meant to be so, Heth might be huge but she is amazingly tender at moments. And comforting as well,


  8. A nice dragon, good for a change!

    • Thank you, Aoife, I certainly like them, lol.


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