Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words

I Saw Sunday…Week 5

Come join us as we tell about some of the things we saw in the past week.

– A handsome older white-haired gentleman in jeans and dark jacket, carrying a bag of groceries, walk over to a bright red scooter, exchange the groceries for a black helmet which was in a bright red plastic carrier attached to the scooter, grin as he put on the helmet, climbed aboard the scooter and drove away.

– Sunlight through window blinds illuminating alpaca coverlet, bringing it to lustrous golden-brown life.

– My Mother’s words again, blended with my own, to form first draft of a poem in search of Mother Tongue.

– Long unfinished poem given new life by inspiration found in another poet’s words and thought process.

– Flat tire on front end of car, flattening desire for a slow leisurely drive through evening’s fading sunlight.

– Beautiful young acrobatic ballerina dancing on shoulders and head of her male partner.

– Words to a story started years ago, dancing in front of my eyes, making me laugh out loud, whispering, “Please, give me another chance?”

– Warm colors of a Quadramandala


  1. What a wonderful bunch of things here, a pleasure to read and as for that story whispering “Please, give me another chance?” I do hope you do, if it made you laugh aloud it sounds as if might desrve it :o)

  2. Deborah, thanks for reading and the story is getting a fresh new reading and maybe even a whack at completion.


  3. Beautiful and uplifting in every way. A GREAT Sunday read, thank you so much!

    • Thank you Sherry, I like tracking back over the week and remembering the bits and pieces that had some meaning for me,


  4. Glorious, what an absolute pleasure to read!

    Thanks for sharing what you saw. 🙂

    • Thanks Susannah, I like doing this, it’s simple and easy and fun pin pointing the things I remembered from the week past,


  5. Just a quick note to say that I hope all went well today, I was thinking of you.

    Susannah x

    • Thank you so much Susannah. I’m home with two new stents in my heart, and a wonderful cold I caught at the hospital. They are such wonderful places, yes? Moving slow and drinking lots of juice. Will be here on Sunday with a lot to show and tell, lol.


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