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I Saw Sunday – Week 6


For I Saw Sunday:

– One of the most contended smiles I have seen in a long time. Mine, when I saw this photo of my newest granddaughter.


-The inside of the hospital on an up-close and personal level. Incredibly kind, caring, and alert staff, who were more than willing to join in our teasing and fun to relieve the stress of the moment.

-The funny black sack hats the nurses wore in the procedure room. Each one had different colored characters on them, and they looked like old-fashioned, whole cloth hair nets. When I asked if they got to choose the characters and colors, all three nurses started grinning and told me yes, they had  total freedom to pick whatever they liked. They whisked me away too quickly to identify the cartoon-like characters that each one wore, and I was far too groggy to ask for a closer look.

-Spent a few moments looking at used cars at the lot of a friend. Saw two light gray ones, a Saturn, and a Honda Accord. And the smile disappear from my sister’s face when we realized the Volkswagen convertible was within my price range. She said, completely dead pan, “You wouldn’t dare,” while I started humming. She’s wanted a convertible for years. My daughter, in the back seat, piped in and said, “You should never have told her she couldn’t. You will be sorry.”

-My fond farewell to peak Autumn colors, they disappear far too quickly.

-The relief on my own face after sleeping soundly through the night for the first time in far too long. And the awareness of new things on my horizon.


  1. The picture of your grandaughter is just lovely! I’m so glad your hospital visit was a positive one, with a few smiles and resulting in a good night sleep, and I loved, You will be sorry … a convertible it is then, one of the new things on the horizon perhaps! :o)

    • No convertible for me. I just enjoy making my sister squirm a bit, lol. We have a tendency to do that to each other. She’d gotten her shot in earlier. The war will always continue.That is what sisters are for, is it not?


  2. What a gorgeous photo of that lovely smile on the face of your grand daughter! and I adore the flower mandala too. 🙂

    It sounds like the trip to the hospital went well and I’m glad you slept soundly!

    I love to hear that you have an awareness of new things on the horizon!

    Nice to read your I Saw Sunday.

    • I fell in love with the photo as soon as I saw it. She looks for all the world as though she’s got it all under control and knows she is now queen.

      I’m glad the Angiogram went well and that the two stents seem to be right at home within me. The full night’s sleep was unexpected, but truly satisfying.


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