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I Saw Sunday Week #7

For I Saw Sunday:

-When I go grocery shopping I use the battery operated carts because I can’t walk too far without discomfort. We did that Thursday evening. The supermarket looks very different from that angle. However, the particular store I frequent does not draw me because of its choices, wide aisles, or incredible selections (although it does have all of those things). I go there because when I move through the store, whatever employee I might encounter, be it the manager in white shirt and tie, or the errand boys who keep track of shopping carts and bagging purchases, offers me a smile and asks me how I am doing and if I need any sort of assistance. Thursday night was no exception. Three smiles, three questions after my well-being, and three offers of assistance. I have even had, on several occasions, the young boys who collect the shopping carts outside in the parking lot, come out of the building, run over and ask me if they might take the cart back inside and then load my groceries into the trunk for me, before doing so. I used to really hate grocery shopping, realized Thursday evening I actually look forward to it now.

-Went out to dinner with my sister, her husband, his sister and her hubby. We went to a bar and restaurant that specializes in a Friday Seafood Selection. The place was jammed and we found a table where we could all sit to have a drink while we were waiting. There were Halloween decorations throughout the rooms and when we sat down, I happened to sit next to a large green balloon that was a representation of the Frankenstein monster. I laughingly placed his large green balloon hand on my shoulder and told my dinner companions that I now didn’t feel like a fifth-wheel. My sister leaned over and said, “He might not look like much now, but by closing time, he’ll look a hell of a lot better.” That sister thing again.

-Realized that I am technologically deprived. Haven’t been inside a video rental place in many years. Took the plunge, did all the registration filling out, and turned around to realize that everything in the store is DVD. I don’t own a DVD player. Just a very old VCR. My daughter was with me and said we could go get her player. She didn’t want to see me cry right there in the store.

-Did watch How To Train Your Dragon. Don’t usually like animated movies, but am slowly changing my mind. This one is super because it has a very deep message to offer our present world about looking for similarities instead of differences. And another, possibly even more important, about the gap between parents and children and the Art of Listening.

-Two days of horrendous winds that toppled an outside heavy wooden table and removed both its top and bottom, leaving them in small pieces in a path across the patio. We did manage to bring the chairs inside.

-Two mornings of watching the trees, outside my bedroom window, being rocked as though caught in an emotional frenzy. Limbs and leaves strewn and littered across lawns, and one broken branch in sister’s backyard that broke off and descended like a spear, burying itself for several inches, into the ground. Deadly.

-And, of course,  more colors:

Hope your week was interesting and come take a look, maybe join us for I Saw Sunday.


  1. I love the Frankenstein monster story! lol

    ….that flower mandala is beautiful.

    Thanks for joining in I Saw Sunday.

    • Susannah, my sister and I take pot shots as often as possible. It’s a given in our relationship, one we both work hard at and thoroughly enjoy. I don’t own a camera and like putting up both show and tell elements, and this gives me a chance to show off another aspect of what I enjoy doing. Just wish a few more people would join in. I think it’s fun and look forward to Sunday morning and reviewing my week,


  2. I loved the Frankenstein story too, what would we do without our lovely sisters, we’re very lucky to have them!
    I so agree with the ‘smiles’ they cost nothing and can make an enormous difference to you day and I too am technologically challenged …I long for simple buttons with words on them!
    I really enjoyed reading your Sunday although those winds sound scary, nature does have a way of putting us in our place, and as Susannah said your flower mandala are always beautiful.
    Hope you have a lovely week :o)

    • Thank you Deborah, and I have to agree, sisters are very special in so many ways. I really do enjoy doing this brief weekly review, it reminds me of where I’ve been and also makes note of what I find important in my days. The smiles are priceless and I can’t believe that I am actually glad to go grocery shopping. Long time coming. Thanks for stopping by,


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