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I Saw Sunday Week #8

–  Two people walking down the sidewalk. A man, out in front carrying a large white plastic bag, heavy enough to need both hands. A younger woman following behind, pulling a two wheeled wire shopping cart with yet another huge plastic bag filling it completely. My first thought, “Do they have a home to go home to, in this now cold weather?”

– A memorial service for 37 parishioners who passed away during the past year, including my Mother. I was reluctant to enter the Church because the last time I was there was for her funeral. Yet, this is the same church I attended daily as a child, and it is attached to the grade school where I went from second grade through the eighth. So many memories.

  The service was calm and peace filled. An attractive young woman sang hymns in a beautiful high soprano voice. She was pregnant, and I couldn’t help thinking how endings are beginnings, and beginnings are endings, new life for old.

 Afterward, spoke to my best friend from those grade school years. Her brother had passed away as well. We just looked at each other amazed at what fifty years actually means and spoke more about what we remembered, than about the present. That seemed very appropriate, somehow.

I had been hesitant to approach her, not even sure it was her, but before I could speak, she smiled and said my name with a question mark at the end of it. I told her of recently coming across a photograph of the two of us, dressed in prom dresses borrowed from our older sisters, and wearing high heels for a talent show in which she played the piano, while I sang. She asked me if I still sing. I told her the truth, “Only very softly and mostly when I am alone.”

–  Met the PAD (poem a day) challenge at Poetic Asides each day this week. Watched myself writing poems I thought would never be written, finding tremendous satisfaction in the process. I am a follower of words, and they took me to a place I wasn’t expecting, a place of healing and resolution. Those poems can be found on my poetry site:

– Last, but far from least. A friend shared this photo with me, yesterday. Isn’t he magnificent? She took the pic outside in her backyard, astounded that he sat and watched her approach, peering down at her the entire time. She said she thought he might have been eyeing her two small dachshunds and thinking about lunch, lol. She brought the pups in after taking the shot.


  1. Wow! I see your life is filled with emotions you are probably not even aware of it all. It will take time. You are doing the very best thing you can. And the hawk is such a wonderful creature. Beautiful photo! He brings to you a spiritual message. I think you know. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing.

    • Annell, the message of the hawk is to remember who you really are. And this weekly review of my week is one way of doing that. And no, I am probably not fully aware of all of them. And thank you for taking a look,


  2. Incredible shot!

    • Lol, I agree Kristen. This particular friend and I used to try getting this kind of photo years ago. All we ended up with were black dots against blue sky, a blur of wings, or dark silhouettes perched in trees too far away to capture any details. This one is incredible and has been a long time in coming. I love it,


  3. It must have been a deeply emotional visit to the church, and the pregnant woman … endings are beginnings … that really brings everything into perspective.
    The picture really is magnificent, I’m glad she took her little dachshunds in though LOL, and I’ll shall definitely be visiting your poem site later, hope you have a lovely week :o)

    • Thank you much Deborah. I don’t think I was really aware of all of the emotions. Just moving through them, acknowledging them. One of the biggest advantages in doing this weekly review. Just wish more people would join us,


  4. What a wonderful photo!

    It really sounds like a significant week for you on a lot of levels.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us. 🙂

    • susannah, thank you for providing the opportunity. And yes, it was a significant week. And good luck to you and your writing,


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