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I Saw Sunday Week #9


For I Saw Sunday Week #9

This week flew by amidst so many activities and running, that I am not sure which flashing glimpses to write about.

– Went looking at cars. Drove a Toyota Corolla, old with a strange red paint job that seemed to be tinged with an undercoat of purple, but it started grinding when I put it in reverse. Then a Honda Accord, silver and wide, much wider than anything I’ve ever driven and a dashboard so loaded with buttons and gadgets that I felt like it would take me months to figure out just how to turn on the radio, or find the defroster, if it had one. Then drove a light gray Saturn, and fell in love with a smooth ride and comfort. Got a great trade on my old one, and will probably be doing twice as much running as this past week, but with far more pleasure.

– My sister was along for the car search. And the convertible was still on the lot. I snuck over to take a peak at it and saw that the inside door panels had been removed, and much of the wiring from under the dash was snaked out and over the floorboards and onto the passenger seat. When I straightened up, she was right beside me. We looked at each other and grinned and both said at the same time, “No wonder it was in my price range.” Then laughed and did a high five.

– So many words. Still doing the PAD Challenge, writing a new poem each and every day. Poetry is hard work, not just the writing of the words, but the emotional roller coaster ride that often accompanies such a concentrated endeavor. I have hugged myself, laughed out loud, cried softly, and slapped my own fingers. And the loop-de-loops still take my breath away. But, we are half way to the finish line. Wish me endurance, at the very least.

– Other people’s words. It amazes me that one simple prompt, a few general words, can light so many different fires, so many different paths to be taken, and the variety is like a smorgasbord on a daily basis. I am wondering if one could possibly gain weight from committing word gluttony. I may have to join Overeaters Anonymous by the end of November. Or perhaps, start another group called Worders Anonymous. “Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I am a wordoholic. ”

– A very attractive dark-haired young woman, with piercing dark eyes, trying to explain the difference in computers to a semi-illiterate, technologically deprived individual. That would be me. It’s a foreign language. Thank goodness she realized almost immediately, and spoke carefully and slowly, pausing often. I think she wanted to reach out and pat my head when I asked a simple question that made sense. Such a wonderful and relieved smile.

– Low dirty gray blanket of clouds, almost everyday and rain for the past two. Weak sunlight, if any. And trees now bare of leaves, but still reaching toward that dimming warmth.

– Movie, Ice Age. Loved it and think I might be completely addicted to animation movies, now.

– And of course, a splash of color:

See you next week, better yet, come and join us, and tell us what you saw through it.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your week and the PAD Challenge sounds like something I would have enjoyed taking part in. It is such a shame that it coincides with nanowrimo which is using every word i’ve got at the moment! 🙂

    Enjoy your new car!
    … and I loved the splash of colour, it’s beautiful.

    See you next week on I Saw Sunday.

    Susannah x

    • Thanks Susannah, I just wish more people would join us. These peeks into the week are like a shorthand journal and can lead to stories, poems, and lots of other writing. And it is so much easier that my other blog writing. It’s also extremely good at descriptive writing practice.

      Thanks for visiting,


  2. I do love reading your week, I think I would be emotionaly drained doing the PAD challenge, I admire your endurance! at the finish it will be wonderful to have all those poems and the sense of achievment…
    I loved ‘I think she wanted to reach out and pat my head’ I’ve been on the receiving end of that look many times!! It’s nice to hear of you and your sister too … have a lovely week and see you next Sunday :o)

    • Thanks Deborah. The PAD challenge is emotionally draining, but then I couldn’t even dream of doing the nanowrimo novel in a month’s time. Have a former student who is leading a group of newbies through it while writing her third one. I respect and admire her for that, but doubt I’d have the stamina for it. Fiction has never been a strong point for me.

      And glad you enjoyed. I actually wanted to grin when that look came on her face. I’ve seen a much more pained one, far more often, lol.


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