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I Saw Sunday Week #10

For I Saw Sunday Week 10

Another week that has gone by in a blur. And my feelings seem to attest to that fact. Tried several Mandalas, but they all came out a bit muddy and far from pleasing to my eye. This is the best of the bunch.

But, given the fact that Mandalas represent a slice of life, this one just might have its moment, as I rushed through several encounters, most of which were wonderful but far too short-lived to be pleasing.

– Saw the Cardiologist for a follow-up after the Angiogram and stents procedure. He is satisfied and I don’t have to see him again for an entire year. Told him I’d had a problem remembering to take the anticoagulant medication he prescribed. He told me that I was giving him a definite pain in his heart over that one. I apologized and promised to do better, and I have.

-Took a 24 hour road trip to the city where I used to live. Would have liked about three more days but had to squeeze it in between appointments made weeks ago. Saw about twenty hawks while driving there and back. Perched in trees, or on utility poles, some in the air, wings spread and soaring, and one guy sitting on a fence stub, eye-level as I drove past.

– Saw two of my daughters. The oldest was with me for the trip. My newest granddaughter, who was passed from arm to arm and charmed everyone who came near her. Coos and cuddles and lots of soft kisses between feedings and sleeping. What a life.

– Saw two of my other four granddaughters. Both have the same incredibly long legs their mother was born with. Amazing to me because I don’t know where those long legs came from. Neither I, nor their grandfather, is what might be called a tall person. The younger one, who is only six, is almost as tall as I am. And both the girls kept coming up quietly to lean against me, and give me soft kisses on the cheek, and whisper secrets in my ear. What a life.

– Went to dinner with my daughters and their children and was surprised to find my old writing group gathered around me. Had called one of them and let her know I was coming, and she called the rest. So much talking, laughing, and asking of questions. Trying to catch up on a year’s worth of time in two hours doesn’t work well. But, we certainly tried.

– One of them is doing the nanowrimo novel this month, and leading a really large group of newbies through the experience. This is her fourth time through it. She stayed behind and we talked for another two hours while sitting in my car with the engine running to stay warm. We compared our experiences: hers with the nanowrimo and another project, and mine online with the PAD Challenge and taking part in the poetry prompt circuit. Lots of commonalities, and neither of us wanted to leave, but it got too late to stay.  

– Loved seeing all those smiling and familiar faces, but was aware that some were missing. My oldest granddaughter ( also has those longer than long legs), who celebrated her fourteenth birthday, yesterday. And missed a call from a very dear friend so missed connecting up with her.

– This week also saw another mountain of words written. Eight new poems, one journal writing prompt about resistance, and a personal essay concerning the word peerless. As I said, the week was a blur and that Mandala may be a good example of muddy emotions tumbling over one another: brown with rich earthy nurturing, a few bright spots of smiles and warm shared laughter, and a dash of contrasting color for those who got missed in the shuffle.

Hope to see you next week.


  1. It sounds like a good week.

    It must have been wonderful seeing family and friends and catching up.

    Wow, that is a lot of writing, I would like to experience that challenge of writing so many poems, I think it would be interesting to see what it bought up.

    Great news from the Cardiologist too.

    I like the Mandala, it has a ‘grounded’ feel.

    Deborah couldn’t join in with I Saw Sunday this week as she’s without an internet connection at the moment.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my week and thanks for joining in.

    Susannah 🙂

    • Susannah, just wish that more would do the same. It was a very full week, and this one promises to be the same. Lots of visitors for Thanksgiving.

      The PAD Challenge has been an eye opening experience. It brought up a lot of memories and although some of the poems have been difficult, they say at the beginning that drafts are all that are expected. We have a month after that to clean them up and put them in manuscript form. You might want to try it. Believe there is another one in April. Not sure, but I am definitely hooked. Really makes you stretch.

      Sorry to hear about Deborah’s lack of connection. Haven’t a clue what I would do if that happened here. Probably curl up in a ball and suck my thumb for a long time, lol.

      Thanks for taking a look,


  2. Hi Elizabeth, I didn’t put up a new ‘I Saw Sunday’ Linky this week, as I knew Deborah was still not back online and I was busy… but I took off the date on the last one, and left it open in case you wanted to link in, please do if you have something prepared.

    Hopefully we can get it going again properly soon. 🙂

    I hope all is well with you.

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