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Just This Morning


For Big Tent Poetry prompt  Wordle

Just This Morning

Awoke, feeling as though
hung over boiler, dangling,
tangled above roiling cauldron
of words and images. Then swiftly
fork-lifted to drip sweaty verbiage
onto huge ash-pit. Feel nib of pen
in hand, become clunky, ink
chunky with heaviness of sleep
not quite passed. Rolled over
into sleep again.

Resurfaced, now fully awake,
cupped lush language, like warm
cocoa in small porcelain bowl.
Sipped of its sweetness, while
writing words which slipped
with ease from familiar pen,
and brought deepest satisfaction.

Elizabeth Crawford  11/26/10


  1. What a lovely way to express the pains and pleasures of making poems. Thank you.

    • Viv, I don’t usually like wordles, but this one dared me no end. Once started it sort of wrote itself, lol. And although it actually happened this morning, I could just as easily have titled it “Most Mornings”. Thanks for the kind words,


  2. Beautifully done!


    • Thank you Gautami, that’s pretty impressive for a poem using words dealing with repaving roads.


  3. Agreed Elizabeth I love the descriptions here.

    • Pamela, not so much me, as the words I was given to follow. Had to make some personal sense out of them. Thank you,


  4. Oh, that’s how I feel this morning, too. Turkey hangover, I think. Nicely done.

    • Victoria, I feel this way on many mornings. I often dream of working through word puzzle that are supposed to make wonderful poetry, and often do, but I never wake up enough to write them down. That make be a good thing, judging from the first part of this piece, lol. Thanks for stopping,


  5. You’ve identified a good chunk of mornings! Nice work!

    • Hi Tumblewords. I used to think that if given a metaphor, I could equate it somehow to writing. This one almost stumped me, lol. Thanks you for your kind words,


  6. Wonderfully and impressively done!!!!!!

    • Thank you Sherry, this was a tough knot of words to unravel. Just grateful it happened,


  7. Well, darn, I just totally forgot about Big Tent this week. You did well with this unusual set of words!

    • Thanks Mary, I have been hit and miss because of the PAD, as I’m sure you have been as well. I am looking forward to getting back to the old routines. And yes, these were unusual and not the easiest ones to deal with. But, once I started hearing them line up, it came together rather easily.


  8. “cupped lush language”… lovely!

    • Robin, I don’t usually like wordles, have a tendency to just want to get the words down and behind me. But, these had other intentions, and when I got that far in the poem, I realized that they were a rather lush and delicious language all on their own. Thanks for the comments,


  9. You describe how it feels when we look at the pen and the page in the moments before a poem comes – or doesn’t.

    • Tilly Bud, isn’t it strange how we just don’t know, must put that pen to paper, do the actual movement of commitment, before we can even get an inkling if we have a poem, or something less, just a mess of words? I think that’s the reason I keep reaching for that pen and paper. To allow myself to see that yes, at least for today, I am a poet, lol. Thanks for your kind and generous words,


  10. hi elizabeth, wonderful expression of thoughts on paper.. did well with the wordle… sometimes when i am half asleep half awake words come to mind… and i’m thinkin yeah! but never get far other than a deeper dreamland… and thank you for visiting my blog always appreciative of your feedback… ms pie

    • Thanks ms pie, I obviously do the same. I had looked at these words a few days ago, and actually thought it was a lost cause. Then this morning, found myself struggling with them in a dream. Awoke later, and remembered that first image and that became the poem. Love it when that happens. And I enjoy seeing you here on my site as well,


  11. Deb

    Terrific to break so clearly into two stanzas/states of mind!

    • Thank you Deb, as I said above, I’m not much of a wordle fan, but once this one started humming, there was nothing to be done, except write it. It takes a bit of time for things to register, and I could blame age, but that’s a cop-out. I just have to figure out where I fit into all of those words, and then do it. I cook the same way, lol.


  12. Irene

    “Deepest satisfaction” got me..why, my idea of mornings is just like this, Elizabeth.:)

    • Irene, I had thought they would never have that level of satisfaction, especially when I was working everyday, and had other obligations. Now my mornings are free to proceed at my pace and at my own choosing. Which only means that the satisfaction goes far deeper than I ever thought it might. Thanks for the comments,


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