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I Saw Sunday Week 12


For I Saw Sunday Week 12

– A week of words. Finished the first part of the PAD Challenge. A poem a day through the days of November. But, now I must whittle all of those words down to a manuscript form that will fit into 10 to 20 pages. Not an easy task. However, I find that the original pieces were more a stream of consciousness thing, done in the moment, more of an unraveling. As I read through them now, I seem to be find the nuggets that were there, but are sometimes hidden from view by a soft wall of words. Wish me luck in finding the real thing and not just the fool’s gold that is right there with all the rest of it. The winner of the second phase of the challenge will have his/her poems published in a chapbook by Writers Digest Magazine.

But it’s December and that means all of this tweaking, whittling, slashing and cutting must take place while Christmas shopping, and Holiday parties and preparations are in full sway. Oh my!

– Saw some of the pieces and parts of the Christmas present I am giving myself. I now have a USB cord, a word processing program on disc, and an all in one printer. They are waiting patiently for the main part of the gift to arrive. A new computer tower and monitor. Keep all fingers crossed that this old one will keep gasping with each task I ask of it, until the new one arrives.

– Saw the friendly faces of three different UPS drivers as they each brought on of those three pieces on three consecutive days. My neighbors probably think I’m a very friendly person, or that I don’t like going shopping. They would be right on all accounts.

– A huge smile on my counselor’s face as I put all of the pieces together of a long term issue and came out with a satisfying image. He actually patted my shoulder as I was leaving.

– Colors of course:

All of these Mandalas are drawn and designed by Marc Bove. They can be found at

Marc was recently on my Soul’s Music site and said that he is once again furiously at work drawing a new set of designs. He told me that he will be sending me one of the prototypes so that I could bring it alive. That’s exciting and I can’t wait.  I use artists pens and colored India ink for my end results. So, put a gift certificate for pens, at the top of my Christmas list to be handed out to my family.

– Lots and lots of home baked cookies. Peanut butter goodies, spice and cranberry cookies, raspberry roll-ups, chocolate chips, and lots more. We had a cookie exchange and each brought 10 dozen cookies to be exchanged with a like number from others. We also decorated and frosted white cut out cookies to bring home. Ummmmmmmmmm good.

– It’s been another full week, with a great deal of promise and things to look forward to. Hope you join us and share your week and what you saw and were up to.


  1. What a wonderful week that sounds and those home baked cookies! Wow, you are making my mouth water.

    I just loved how you described…. “As I read through them now, I seem to be finding the nuggets that were there, but are sometimes hidden from view by a soft wall of words.” – beautiful!

    And that mandala would make such a wonderful rug. 😉

    I’m glad you persisted with I Saw Sunday. I’ll make sure I am back next week too.

    • Susannah, I used your site for my journal writing prompt this week. I want others to see and to know the satisfaction of sharing what they have observed, the moments they have breathed through, that might not find their way into poems or stories. I like doing this so much. It is easier, simpler to do than other prompts, for some reason. The form and structure depend on where I have been, what I saw, and nothing more. Thanks for providing this space.


  2. The mandalas are inspiring – thank you for linking them! I have used similar Celtic designs for trapunto quilting, and know how very difficult they are to draw (specially so on fine fabric, as erasure is not an option!)

    What a busy week you have had. Good luck with the installation of the new computer. I wish you a trauma-free time.
    ViV x

    • Viv, I won’t be setting it up. My oldest daughter has promised to do that for me, and I am so grateful it will be trauma free for me, lol.

      Marc does the drawing and I have no clue how he goes about it. I just pull them up, print them, and color. I like the idea of putting color back into the world, especially during these winter months when the world has a tendency to go gray, no matter what we do.

      Thanks so much for joining in,


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