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I Saw Sunday Week #14


For I Saw Sunday Week 14

– Movies, three of them. Despicable Me, which was a bit disappointing. Expected more from the hype. The three little girls stole the show, and that was to be expected. Think the highlight of the movie was when the youngest of the three, took in a deep breath and asked if what she was doing was annoying, as she slapped her puffed out cheeks and made popping noises. It was all a bit predictable.

Second movie was Ramona and Beezus. The movie is part of a series of books written by  Beverly Cleary. The adventures of a young girl who is both accident prone and sees things a bit differently than others. It’s a quiet little flick with a very important message about the value in being oneself, no matter what others might think or say. Having been a Ramona type individual for most of my existence, I related well and appreciated the message at this point in my life.

The last of the three, was the one I really wanted to see. Legend of the Guardians, another animated film. I have long been enamored of owls and wanted to see what had been done with them. The background imagery was beautifully executed, constantly reminding the viewer that this was another world, another way of being, seeing, and thinking. But, it was also classic mythology about two brothers who separate, following two different paths, one of darkness, the other of light, and their ultimate struggle with one another, and good versus evil.

Owls have long been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and the diversity within the species leant itself well to the story line and the concept of individuality, even within a community of like minded believers. But there are cultures where the owl represents a harbinger of death and darkness. A creature who flies silently through the night, on powerful wings, a predator of the unknown and unseeable. Again a potent reminder of our own world of shadow and light.

I enjoyed the movie and its message about believing in story enough to breathe life into that story, and allowing it to live, to become reality. A message about following ones own inner leadings rather than being dependent on what can only be seen. Following the leadings of ones gut, rather than the words of a charismatic leader. The fact that we seldom look deep enough to know why we do, and choose, the things we do. Actually come to comprehend our own motivation.

I know there are those who might see the film as no more than passing, momentary entertainment for children. Yet, I found a deep and wonderful nugget of truth within it. As well as the music of Owl City, a particular favorite of mine in the moment. It might not be anyone else’s cup of tea, but I was both intrigued and fascinated the entire time I watched it. The message was one I needed at this time in my life, and I’m glad I found it. I would and do recommend it, highly.

– More words, of course, as I put the finishing touches on the manuscript from the November PAD Challenge at Poetic Asides. A new poetic form called The Dead Man Poems, created by Marvin Bell which entails looking at things from totally different angles. I wrote two poems in the form and thoroughly enjoyed expanding my own understanding and skills. And a new prompt to engage in specific observation through the month of January, one each day. It’s called a River of Stones and can be found here:
I plan on taking part in it and if you are curious, go take a look.

– And more colors of course.

I will have to order new pens soon. Am running out of my favorites and want to try some new ones as well.

– Although I didn’t see them, I did speak to my youngest daughter. She, in turn, handed the phone to her three daughters and I spent a delightful hour chatting with Angelia (age 6) who is pretty sure that most of the gifts under the tree have her name on them. Isabella (age 11) who is reading a book about a young girl who has Cerebral Palsy, and is finally learning how to speak. We discussed my brush with the same disability. And Kaitlynn (age 14) who has lots of friends, no particular boyfriend, loves numbers as much as her grandmother loves words, and giggled when I asked if she was getting into trouble.

Thanks for sharing my week, and come join us with the details of your own.


  1. Lovely post!

    • Thanks as always, Annell. It’s great to know that someone is interested.


  2. I enjoyed your film recommemdations. I finally watched toy story 3 this week and loved it. I just realised I meant to write about it on my I Saw Sunday post before the events of this morning distracted me. 🙂

    I had already found the ‘river of stones’ challenge by following a link on twitter and thought it looked a good thing to do, so I may be joining in too. 🙂 It sounds a little like what I have been doing for the past almost two years on my blog ‘my name is zing’ – – perhaps I can combine the two for january? I shall have to revisit the river of stones site and see what I think.

    Thanks for sharing your week.

    Susannah 🙂

    • Thank you Susannah. I’ve posted the River of Stones on my 1sojournal blog as well, where I will be posting my daily stones. And will take a look at your site.

      I really never got into the animation films in the past, turning my nose up at them, silly woman that I am. Am definitely finding them well worth the time and the education. We are never too old to learn new tricks.

      Hope your Holidays are filled with warmth and laughter,


  3. I’m so with you on so called childrens films, they have wonderful meanings within them and are so uplifting to watch. I shall definitely seek that one out, and all your mandalas are so beautiful … they must be so theraputic to do!
    Have a wonderful week and see you next Sunday :o)

    • I have tried many different types of meditation over the years. The Mandalas work for me and I see them as active meditation. Many times, when I am finished, or even while I am engaged in coloring them, I find poetic phrases and lines dancing through my head. I recommend it highly.

      I really liked the Guardians film and will probably get it again. There was so much to it, I’m sure I missed a lot. Have a wonderful Holiday,


  4. Jingle

    Hope you well, season’s greetings!

    • Thank you Jingle, and the same to you,


  5. I just popped in to wish you and your loved ones, peace, love and much joy! – Susannah x

    • Thank you much Susannah, and I would wish the same for you and yours,


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