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About Stockings


For Thursday Think Tank at Poets United #29 Stockings

About Stockings

Am a bare foot creature.
Prefer to intimately feel
ground beneath soles
that walk this winding path.

Don’t want to stumble, fall
against stones, would rather
fumble slowly through dips
and ditches of existence.

Have always chosen to brail
way through bends of life,
with sensitive nerve endings
which hold me to sacred ground.

Call them what you will: stockings,
hose, socks, footies, or footwear,
they create a muffling distance
between me and wherever I am standing.

On the other hand, was gifted last year,
with a knee-high pair dyed purple.
Incredibly soft,  best I’ve ever felt.
May save them for rest when I reach

that final destination.

Elizabeth Crawford 12/23/10


  1. Old Ollie

    Agreed – not a big fan of socks. Great piece on a tough prompt.

  2. Thanks Ollie, I wasn’t even gonna try when I saw the prompt, but then started thinking about that purple pair in my drawer and the reason they’ve never been worn, but still remain there. Who would have thought that would give birth to a poem, of all things? Happy and Merry to you,


  3. How gorgeous! I’m a barefoot person myself and I do love your poetry. Thank you for it.

    • Hi Margo, glad you enjoyed and thank you for taking the time to read it, especially today. May your Holiday be all that you would have it to be.


  4. I enjoy barefoot in summer, but in winter I walk around in socks and wear the heels out by the score. I don’t wear shoes / boots unless I have to! I do think you should try out that knee high purple pair. They sound luxurious.

  5. Hi Mary, I do wear shoes and boots when I have to, which means most of the winter months, but only outside. Otherwise I wear soft leather moccasins that are so misshapened, no one would consider them adequate foot covering, and again only outside. I love the softness of the purple pair and often go in the drawer just to run my fingers through them, lol, but the thought of actually wearing them brings uncomfortable feelings.

    When I was in the hospital, at age four, with a concussion, I was kept still by having my feet pulled beneath the folded tight bed coverings. I still can’t tolerate anything that feels at all binding on my head, hands, or feet. So socks are out. I can wear them for no more than a short period of time and then must remove them.

    To me, barefoot has always been best. Thanks for stopping by and hope your weekend is wonderful to the max,


  6. I so love this poem, Elizabeth – and I covet your purple slippers, hee hee. I am a slipper gal all the way. I generally wear soft purple moccasins, that I wear to veritable shreds. My last pair wore out a few weeks back and I suspect my good sister will give me another pair for xmas – she gave me the last pair a few years ago.

    I just posted my silly xmas poem, but it was fun to do.

    • Well, truth be told, I’d send them to you, but I keep hoping some day I’ll actually put them on and enjoy it, lol. They are so soft. I know exactly what you mean about the mocs, mine are the same and I hate to give them up and won’t without a struggle.

      And I read your xmas poem and loved it. It was so rich with the feel of family overcrowding, jostling up against everyone and everything, and it made me laugh with pleasuire. Thanks for sharing it,


  7. Jingle

    lovely take…
    Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Jingle and Merry Christmas to you as well,


    • Nope, you went straight for the beauty and pleasure of the intimately sensual and did a hell of a terrific job, as well. Loved it and wishing you the best of the season,


    • I found it and this old woman thanks you, profusely, lol.


  8. Wonderful made me think of so much emotion. The soul in our sole~ Well Done

    • Thank you Ellen, glad you made the connection. Have a wonderful Holiday,


  9. Merry Christmas~

    • And the same backatcha,


  10. “brail way through life” That is a fantastic line! Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you Fyodor, and have a wonderful holiday yourself,


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