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I Saw Sunday Week #15


For I Saw Sunday Week #15

I think this says it all:

Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to me!

It came with an instruction guide about how to take it out of the box(my family knows me well). I actually read it, and took my first two pictures. But, I can’t show them to you because they are of my oldest daughter, who said dire consequences would occur if I let anyone see them. She was in a bah-humbug mood by then. I have no idea why.

If you think I will be spending the rest of my day snapping pictures, you would be wrong. I didn’t get past page three in the rather detailed guide and instruction booklet, so will be reading furiously and preparing for a rather invasive medial procedure early tomorrow morning. Keep all fingers and toes crossed, please. I’m not worried about the procedure. I’m scared to death I’ll mess up my new toy!

Also don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful and happy Holiday. Personally, I am feeling a great deal like my newest granddaughter:

Have a great week and join us with the highlights of your Holiday experiences.


  1. That’s a beautiful baby! A camera is wonderful! Can’t wait to see all your pics.

    • Figuring out how to transfer the pics may take a lot more time than opening the box did, lol. And yes, I start grinning the minute I see this picture. She is certainly a delight. Thanks for stopping in and also for sharing your wonderful poem,


  2. That was me a year ago, my Christmas present to self, my first digital camera. All those instructions! All the things that could go wrong! I very quickly filed the instructions except for the most basic – how to turn on, etc 🙂 – and just started shooting. Learning by doing has always worked best for me. ~3500 photos later I’m thinking: you know, I’m not half bad as a photographer… Best thing I ever did for myself – or at least it’s up there. Enjoy!

    • Well, my family gifted it to me, but I was bold enough to put it on my Christmas list. And am so glad I did. And like you, I figure it will be a learn as you go experience. The best kind, I believe. And thank you for completely understanding where I am in this moment,


  3. There’s nothing more wonderful than a smiling baby … just beautiful!!
    and I do hope all went well with the procedure.

    • Deborah, thanks for stopping in and my daughter used the pic for their Christmas card. I love it.

      The procedure went well, and I was home in three hours, tired but with good results. And thanks for mentioning it. Just trying to catch up and get back into routine is more tiring at the moment,lol. I figure by next weekend, I’ll have a better grasp, but then we start all over again,


  4. Well, what a wonderful photo! It had me smiling too! 🙂

    I am SO glad you got a camera, you will love it! I carry mine with me whenever I remember and it livens up even the dullest and most routine trips. I have been known to take a few photos even in shopping centre car parks! I get a few strange looks but I am used to those. lol

    I am useless at reading instructions, I got someone else to do that 🙂 then asked them to show me the basics, how to turn it on, how to download onto the computer.

    Thanks very much for joining in at I Saw Sunday, I always enjoy reading your posts.

    Susannah x

    (Hope all goes well with your procedure today

    • Thank you Susannah, I’m looking forward to all the new experiences to had by having a camera to extend the moments. The procedure went well, and I like being a part of I Saw Sunday. It extends my personal writing routine and allows me to do my week in review. Thank you for the opportunity,


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