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Rabbit’s Message


For Carry On Tuesday prompt: No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears from Phantom of the Opera

Rabbit’s Message

Just outside window, sunlight streams
through fence, marking a pattern of darkness
and light, where rabbit tracks seemingly dance
over ghostly white/gray moonscape.

Appropriate that this most timid of creatures
would be first trace left to remind us that each soul,
no matter the circumstances, must choose to move
from shadow into light. Must whisper to itself
of need for no more talk of darkness, must forget
these wide eyed fears.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/ 4/11

Note: playing with my new camera.


  1. I lost my comment? But I wanted you to know this piece is lovingly, lovely.
    I am made to think of the movie Rabbitrun Fence, and the book, Watership Down.

    • Annell, thank you. I’ve not heard of the movie, but did read the book through twice because it was so chock full of good stuff. My copy got lost in one of the moves. I need to replace it and reread it again. Thanks for reminding me.


  2. Love the poem, but that pretty much goes without saying. I love everything you write [including your essays — I just found your July piece on using prompts]. But the photo is wonderful. To catch so much that is ephemeral in one picture…

    • Margo, I spend a lot of time inside. Decided that I would attempt to take an outdoor picture everyday, and today was my first attempt. I loved the pattern, then found the prompt and it seemed a match. Love it when that happens. Thank you so much for your wonderfully encouraging words. Feels as good as the pic and poem, really!


      PS Do you have a blog? I seem to have a problem finding you, could you let me know your URL? Please?

  3. Just outside window, sunlight streams
    through fence, marking a pattern of darkness
    and light

    Just a beautiful opening! I love the picture too, very nice 🙂

    • thank you Nunee, this one came together rather easily, and that sometimes makes it difficult. I love how the pic came first, then the prompt and the poem. I’m so glad I got the camera,


  4. Yes, I agree, Elizabeth. Each soul MUST choose to move from darkness into light! I like your poem AND your photo!

    • Thanks Mary, eventually I will learn what each of those buttons is for. Right now, I’m just happy if what happens is recognizable, lol. This one feel together and I’m glad I saw it.


  5. Jingle

    choose move from shadow to light,

    agree, lovely piece.

    • Thanks Jingle, I like it as well,


  6. What wonderful words, I loved this. And that photo is really super it captures so much, brilliant! 🙂

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