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The Musician


Image by Stimpynin at Deviant Art
time wasted is time lost…
For Poets United Thursday Think Tank : Random Deviation

The Musician

He steps onto the stage,
under the lights, and the crowd
swells, yelling their appreciation.

He stands alone, holding his guitar,
then strums a few soft chords
to bring silence. He’s in complete control.

His audience acquiesces, leaning
forward in hushed anticipation.
In that moment of silence, he remembers:

fourteen, behind the barn, learning notes and chords
in a whispering crowd of sun-dried tall grasses
that bowed and swayed to his beginning rhythms.

He smiles now, and begins his thundering rendition,
having always known he was, would always be,
The Musician.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/13/11


  1. What fun! I particularly like the flashback set into the frame of the poem. And I love your image. I roamed for a while but no inspiration. I may go back today. Random doesn’t always work.

    • No random doesn’t always work. The first image I got was perplexing and I accidently clicked and lost it completely and couldn’t find it. I tried. Almost gave up on the prompt. Then went back several hours later and this was what came up. I liked the image because it reminded me of a very special evening I spent with my four children that was incredibly healing.

      They were all playing outside and my bedroom window was open. I started playing my guitar and they all came from separate directions to join me in singing and laughter. They ranged in age from six to sixteen. I’m fairly certain that’s where the flashback idea came from.

      Thanks for stopping and I do hope you go back and try again. Some second chances are much better because they are truly second chances.


  2. Very nice, and to remember the beginning, the most important step! And we smile with him! The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, each began with just one step.

    • Thanks Annell. I particularly liked this photo because of it’s title, “time wasted is time lost..” I had a certain need to turn that around, lol. And am glad that I did. So often we think we are wasting time, when what we are really doing is practicing for something else still unknown.


  3. Old Ollie

    Really cool – such a great poem – authentic.

    • Thanks Old Ollie, this one came with some ease. I used to sing outside to myself, the birds, squirrels, trees and flowers. It was a very freeing sort of expression. Didn’t know I’d become a poet, but did sing with a band for a very short time. It all fell together upon seeing the pic. Love it when that happens,


  4. That was beautiful! I can just visualize this young hopeful musician, taking his first baby-strums.

    • Thank you RJ, we practice when and where we can,


  5. This was beautiful. I can just visualize the hopeful young musician making his first baby-strums that take him on his way,

    • I sang from very young on, but I also remember the first time I wrote something. When people ask me how long I’ve been writing, I tell them, “since I was four.” Lol, those first steps should always be cherished. Thanks R J,


  6. vivid and smart words…
    Happy 2011.

    • Thank you, Jingle,


  7. Elizabeth you did the photo justice.This was a fun prompt wasn’t it? I cheated though, I first pic I got
    was of a girl slitting her wrists.
    I really was in no mood to go with that one.

    • If you read my response to Margo, I messed up the first time around and went back later. But, yes, this was a fun prompt. Thanks for visiting, Pamela,


  8. I loved this so much, especially the flashback to his beginnings behind the barn and then, the knowing at the end that he would always be the Musician. Quite wonderful!

    • Well, I’ve been told many times that I’m wasting my time with all of this writing. Problem is, I don’t find the same level of satisfaction, anywhere else. We may not know it, but somehow we know it,


  9. Elizabeth,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem. The subject was a very refreshing change and upbeat.
    A delight to read and great use of the prompt image.

    Best wishes, Eileen

    • Thank you Eileen, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was simple and straight forward. Sometimes simple is best.


  10. Love this, the flashes of present, past and forward into the future. It was a Great Poem, the lead into
    the path he has always known!

    • Ellen, thank you for your kind and generous words. I like it when things come together and make sense.


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