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I Saw Sunday Week 19

For I Saw Sunday Week 19

also for Sunday Scribblings

Child of The Earth

Eyes open, you see
with wonder that which
flows all around you.

Understanding comes slowly
in small  but ever quickening steps.

Look within,
find your soul,
you will see and know
the same.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/23/11

* This image comes from a Tarot Deck titled Inner Child Cards: a journey into fairytales, myth, and nature. The authors are Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner and the deck is illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil. It is published by Bear & Company, Sante Fe, New Mexico.


  1. Such a striking image and a beautiful poem,
    Look within,
    find your soul
    just lovely Elizabeth.

    • Hello Deborah. It was a gift I found in the early morning darkness after a very harsh and enlightening week. Love it when that happens,


  2. Yes, what you see and know the same. Well said my dear! Thanks so much. We are children always, just a little older…and we hope a little wiser.

    • Annell, the child looks outward for guidance, but the adult must look within, with the eyes of the child. Thanks again,


  3. Beautiful words Elizabeth and such wonderful colours too!

    • The images on these cards draw me because they are so colorful and appealing. The deck is larger than most, but because they are based in fairytales and myths, I can get pulled in and relate to them easily. Thanks for stopping, Susannah,


  4. I’m sorry your week was so harsh, but out of those weeds you grew an amazing poem. Just beautiful.

    • Thanks RJ, the images were so right on and archetypal that no matter the place I was in, they pulled me out of that and gave me a new perspective. Perfect.


  5. Words of wisdom dear Elizabeth.

    • Thank you my friend. I needed them more than anyone else. That’s always the best kind of writing.


  6. What a nice deck that must be if that card is a sample. I have a lot of people in my life who still hold their child inside the adult they are, according to your poem, I think i still do, I hope I do.

    • We all do, Linda May, we just have to let him/her out and listen to what they have to say. And yes, this deck is an especial favorite of mine because it blends several of my interests, while also pleasing the eye.


  7. ‘you will see and know the same’ really floated out to it was all in that heart the baby was carrying..what a ‘knowing’ piece of writing..Jae

    • Jae Rose, I often speak into what I see, then come back and am surprised at what I have written. I also like it when that happens, lol.

      Thanks for your generous words,


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