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I Saw Sunday Week 20

For I Saw Sunday Week 20

– Announcement: I was honored to be invited to do an interview for the Life of a Poet Series at Poets United. You can find the interview here:

Week of Images

A dead woman coming awake;
white tiger near reflecting pool;
ring of fire shaped like a heart;
three Keepers of the Flame Within;
stones in a riverbed making
a winding way of knowing;
individuals giving hope to others,
bringing salvation; the gift
of love and laughter; fresh
buttered cinnamon toast;
and slow shy dawn.

-An old self-portrait, me dancing with all the patterns

Elizabeth Crawford  1/30/11


  1. I loved reading your interview Elizabeth, my you’ve done a lot! It’s nice to know more of someone as it seems to ‘add’ something to their words when you read them.
    the gift
    of love and laughter; fresh
    buttered cinnamon toast;
    and slow shy dawn.
    Wonderful … and after studying the drawing for a while, I could see you dancing in there as clear as day!

    • Deborah, thanks for taking the time to read the interview. And, if I’m honest, I too was a bit surprised at all of those things. However, I am old enough to know they all took time, lol. I like that little doodle and didn’t see the figure until after it was completed.


  2. I enjoyed your interview Elizabeth. It was nice to ‘see’ you too.

    I loved your list/poem of your week and agree that the lines Deborah picked out are beautiful. It also struck me what an interesting exercise, to list the things that stuck out in our week as you have done. I feel there would be something ‘told’ that way, an oracle if you wish. The symbolic images would read as if a dream. I hope you understand what I am trying to say? as I am feeling around for the words to express what I mean, or I may just be rambling! lol

    My I Saw Sunday this week is a tale of sharing my writing and a photo story of Sammmy and a Squirrel!

    I loved your drawing too. 🙂

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday, see you next week.

    • Susannah, I understand what you mean. I’m sort of feeling my way with something here and not quite sure what it is, either, lol. Sort of a written streaming video. There is something there, and I just need to be patient and let it show me what and where it wants to do and go. It’s sort of a week worth of stones, but there are patterns to it as well.

      It will fall in place eventually. And thanks for reading the interview. It was a different kind of experience. Will be around to read yours, shortly,


  3. Nice post! Really wonderful! I thought I didn’t know…then I remembered. I would like to give this a try….

    • I’m fairly certain there would be a way to create more connectivity. Just have to think about it for a while. Hope you do give it a try,


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