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Wishful Will


For Theme Thursday prompt : Paint







 And For Poets United Thursday Think Tank prompt: Last Will and Testament

Wishful Will

I wish to bequeath, to an as yet
unknown, unnamed poet, a world
of color, so that he, or she, might always
have the necessary senses with which
to shade this world in its most fragile
and sensitive states of being.

That this unknown, unnamed poet
be able to embrace boldness of creative
passion to seek out darkest midnight
blue shadows, bring them to light,
might grasp entire crimson spectrum
contained in own blood, which would
flood her with feelings to explore
deepest, most painful wounds,
healing them with words of hope.

That he might gaze on small wood violet,
thus know the soul of his neighbor, his friend,
extending his craft until it would reach
to satisfy both hunger and need. That either
of these find language to tell of promise
in palest yellow to brightest gold of sunshine
that warms, encourages greening growth across
land, yet pierces coldest sea, to touch fecund life
that abides on and in both.

I would tell this yet to be named poet,
to use pen to paint and shape a world
of myriad hues, then invite all to breathe
into that world, the richest colors of life
it might possess.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/3/11


  1. I will carry these words with me Elizabeth.
    Beautifully said.


    • Pamela, I was fumbling between the two prompts and then realized that if I combined them, I would find the poem. Thank you,


  2. Oh this is a wonderful and beautifully stated poem, and wish. I especially love the “small wood violet”. Just lovely.

    • Thanks Sherry, I was trying to get as many of the primary colors as possible, then looked at the photo and saw the purple and the wood violet popped into my head. I really liked it as well,


  3. Wow! Just…wow.

    • Lol, I like that Margo, thank you,


  4. Very beautifully colorful! Really good!

    • Thank you Annell, I do so think that colors sometimes speak louder than words,


  5. These are such lovely, right-minded sentiments. I thought far more personally. Here’s mine:

    • I think good poetry either reaches out with a long arm, or deep within with strong threads of emotion. We did both, between us, and that’s a good thing,


  6. A most beatiful interpretation of a possibly gruesome prompt!

    • Possibly depressing to some, which is why I went in the direction I did. I do prefer upbeat. Thanks for your comments, Jinksy,


  7. Elizabeth,

    A beautiful poem painted in words by you.
    A pleasure to read.

    Best wishes, Eileen

    • Thank you Eileen, your words are appreciated,


  8. I love the images that color provides, but you magnified it with your adjectives~ I love the ending, so beautiful! Wonderful Job~

    • Thank you Ellen, I love color and think it is a gift to be given with joy and freedom,


  9. On behalf of the yet to be named poet, thank you.
    Good words. 🙂

    • You are more than welcome. Love your photos of all that snow in Texas. Not near as much as we have in Wisconsin, though,


  10. RJ Clarken used that same image, so I guess you were in like mind… this is lovely, graceful, and generous. Elizabeth, I loved it, every word. Amy

    • Hi Amy, the image was the prompt and the word “paint” for Theme Thursday this week. And thank you much for your kindly and generous response.



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