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I Saw Sunday Week 21

For I Saw Sunday Week 21

Super Bowl Sunday,
I am not impartial.



  1. Well, Elizabeth, being English, I know nothing at all about American football. Hope your team wins. 🙂

    They did! And this little city is going a bit nuts. We do have a tremendous football history and tradition. The Super Bowl Trophy is called the Lombardi Trophy. Vince Lombardi played for the Packers, and then came back to coach and lead them to win the Super Bowl. The Lombardi Trophy is coming home and it is celbration time. I’m not a fanatic, more of a casual fan, but this was the big one.


  2. Hi Elizabeth, well I am afraid my comment will be exactly like Pauls, as all that he says goes for me too. 🙂

    Nice banner though!

    Thanks for linking, see you again next week.

    Susannah x

    Susannah, thanks for the well wishes. I watched the game at my sister’s on a big screen tv. My hand is sore because each time the Packers scored she high-fived me. She is much more of a fan than I will ever be, but this one was just fun to watch.


  3. I feel really bad being English too … but I’m sure they’re the best if you support them so ‘Go Pack Go!’ :o)

    And I could be disowned if I didn’t, lol. I grew up here, and my parents had season tickets. Those still remain in the family. However, when I moved away I found different interests. Being back here, I’ve avoided most of the fanatacism, but this is the biggest game of all. And I did enjoy watching it.


    • What do they pack in Green Bay?

      An incredible number of hillbilly football fans? I just drove through town to pick up my daughter after watching the game. Fireworks and lots of horns honking and people celebrating in the streets, which are covered in snow and ice and the temps are still cold by any standards. Wisconsin is the Dairy state, lots of farms, lots of cows, some raised for milking, others for meat. The team was originally called by the name of the company that supplied funds for their uniforms, The Green Bay Indian Packing Company. It was later shortened to the Grean Bay Packers. And yes, it was a meant packing company. Thanks for asking,


  4. Still cold in Taos. Glad your team won!

    • No gas yet? Hope that gets rectified soon. And this whole town is celebrating. Thirty-five thousand were out lining the roads to wave and cheer the team as they rode from the airport to the stadium. Thanks Annell,


  5. Well, this is indeed what we needed to bring a bit of heat to this cold winter! What an exciting game. So many emotions throughout the game. At first it seemed the Pack would win by a landslide, then the tables turned and the Steelers had momentum and the injuries occurred. We white-knuckled it here, with our pizza and wine; and the Pack pulled off their victory. I don’t know if you heard this was the most watched television program EVER. Aaron Rodgers is THE man; and Green Bay is THE town! I’m going to try to find my Green Bay Packers Superbowl Championship sweatshirt today! Glad you enjoyed the game too….on to next season!

    • Lol, glad you enjoyed the game, the win, and the aftermath. I’m no more than a casual fan, but living here in the city, it’s been a bit difficult to ignore. There are always individual dressed in the gold and green throughout the year. Now it looks like there has been an invasion of people who know no other colors. And everyone is wearing a smile, which is even better.


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