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I Saw Sunday Week 22

For I Saw Sunday Week 22

Small city celebrating, dancing
in streets, decked out in green
and gold. Carved words create
a path, while columns of same
draw diagram to deeper awareness,
where Indigo Owl embraces life
in shadows, recalling memory
of playing with colors.

-Memory led me to download (free), and spend several hours experimenting:

May have even found a new logo:

You might like to join us and share the highlights of your week.


  1. What glorious colours in the pictures, I’ll have to take a look at paint net, and I think you’re right, it would make a wonderful logo!

    • Deborah, it’s loads of fun, sort of like finger painting but without the clean up afterward. Thanks for visiting,


  2. Such gorgeous colours in those images Elizabeth. I see sparkling water and a beautiful sunset among them!

    I enjoyed your weekly roundup in words and I agree, that final picture would make a very nice logo.

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday.

    See you next week. 🙂

    • Actually two of them are photos I was playing with, the others were just a mixture of colors and effects. But several hours of fun. Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Looks like great fun!

    • It is, lol. The child in me must have her play time on a regular basis,


  4. earlybird

    if all your play time is as creative as this, Elizabeth, just go for it. I really like the way the journey stones photo turned out too.

    • Thank you Early Bird, I truly believe that playing is the best way to learn anything,


  5. Wow, beautiful images, Elizabeth. So glad Indigo Owl paid you a visit!

    • So am I, my friend, so am I. Thanks Sherry,


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