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I Saw Sunday Week 23


For I Saw Sunday Week 23

Sunset at the mouth of the river
all taken within ten minutes.

My granddaughters’ faces:

      Kaitlynn, beautiful eyes covered
      in dark black mascara, fourteen
      and learning.

      Bella, 11 and pensive, face alight with
      questions, wanting to know
      how I did what I do.

      Lia, 6, telling me she is smart,
      and agreeing when I say that
      I am as well. She says everyone
      is smart. Only wish later, I had
      said, “In their own fashion.”

      Baby Kaelin, watching with dark
      eyes, then screwing up her face
      to cry because I am an unknown.

      Must make that trip more often.
      Would you believe, I forgot my camera?

Elizabeth Crawford  2/20/11


  1. I loved those photos, they have such a softness about them.

    Beautiful description of your granddaughters too. I was especially taken by –
    “Kaitlynn, beautiful eyes covered
    in dark black mascara, fourteen
    and learning.”
    Mascara, fourteen and learning, sums up so much about that age. 🙂

    I can’t believe you forgot your camera! I’ve done that so many times, I could kick myself when I do it. 🙂

    Thanks as always for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday, it is always good to see your link appear. 🙂

    I will see you next Sunday.

    Susannah x

    • Thank you Susannah. It was hard not to say something about the mascara, but I was a good girl. I realized I had left the camera behind about 10 miles from home, but I was already running late, so just sucked it up and kept driving. And the photos surprised me as well, and for the same reason.


  2. That is a northern river!
    I thought your poem delightful – a lovely sweep of young faces and minds.

    • Hi Harry, we are having snow again today. It melted a bit last week, guess Mother Nature had to fill up the emptied spaces. And the descriptions were because of the absent photos,lol.


  3. A beautiful description of a beautiful day…thank you for sharing..bkm

    • Hi bkm, it was a busy week, and I feel like I am still trying to catch up. Thanks for stopping,


  4. earlybird

    Lovely pictures of the river and word photos of your granddaughters. This had particular resonance: ‘beautiful eyes covered
    in dark black mascara,’
    it’s such a shock when they’re only 14 to see those black spider blobs ringing those so-recently child eyes.

    • Thanks earlybird, it was a surprise and I found myself looking over at her time and again. Actually, at each and every one of them. A few months brings such changes.


  5. Wonderful photo’s and I just LOVED ‘My granddaughters facse’ lovely, lovely :o)

    • Thank you Deborah, just wish I’d remembered the camera. Next time, hopefully,


  6. Beautiful pics! Loved your write….

    • Thanks Annell, I do like doing this week in review. It’s different and helps me remember,


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