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Just For Fun


for Three Word Wednesday: figure, juicy, stress

and for ABC Wednesday: F

Just For Fun

Fantasy figure, blurred by fog
beyond framed window,
fingers juicy figs and fidgets
in stress against fetters
that bind filaments of its feathers,
ruffles its fur, allowing no freedom
to fly from this figment
of fevered and frustrated imagination.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/23/11


  1. Ho, what a fun read! FFFFFFantastic! Love the “figment of fevered and frustrated imagination”. And the figs and fidgets:)

    • I really needed this moment of sheer riduculousness. And in its own way, I think it is a personal poem about not feeling safe.


  2. And what do I say to this???

    Pffft! (LOL)

    A fun read.

    • If it made you smile and laugh, then it was well worth every moment I spent on it, Mary. Thank you for the reward,


  3. Great response to multiple prompts!
    Here’s my 3WW piece:

    • Thanks Kim, I like to play and mixing prompts can be fun.


  4. Congratulations on your alliteration.

    • Thank you Old Egg. You will notice, I managed to avoid the most famous F word of all. I was a good girl at some point in my existence.


  5. that was a breath of fresh air lovely poem!

    • Sheilagh Lee, thank you and glad you enjoyed. I certainly did,


  6. Nice One!

    • Thanks you for stopping and commenting,


  7. Fearfully funny facets of frivolous fantasy.

    • Altonian, glad you liked it. Had some trouble getting to your site. Will try again later,


  8. A fantastic fanfare of ‘f’s ! ‘fingers juicy figs and fidgets..’ my favorite..Jae

    • Thank you Jae, I had a lot of fun doing this one and am glad everyone is enjoying it,


  9. I like all your funny little “f’s” so fun to read and think about!

    • Thanks Annell, I knew I could go further, but decided it might be best to just finish.


  10. I’m telling you, you never know what you’ll see when you combine an active imagination with a gaze out the window! This was fun – but deep in its reference to fetters. Very satisfying to read aloud, not a tongue-twister despite the ABC prompt! Thanks, Amy

    • Amy is legal, yeah! Almost linked this to WWP prompt which was “safe place.” Didn’t really see it til it was done. Inspiration takes us to so many wonderful places. Glad you enjoyed this one,


  11. what a blast to read.

    • Glad you enjoyed Thom, I loved your story as well.


  12. i wonder what your serious works are like if your “just for fun” is this.


  13. Dee

    freaking awesome 🙂

    • Thank you Dee, really enjoyed your shape shifter story, even though it was far too short.


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