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Waiting on Words

A Quick Walk


For the real Toads, you know who you are.

A Quick Walk

If you follow crimson arrows
drawn by children with chalk
on  uneven sidewalk, you will
eventually come to a place
where asphalt ends and green
grass begins. Where black smoke
blows, takes flight from shallow pits,
more than one that burns through
night, as soft winds cool air
and slow-moving sun is swallowed
by dark hungry shadows.

If you get past this place of measured
depressions before you know it, you
will come to a field where daylight
burns bright once again, and white
flowers grow, filling breeze with a scent
strangely like peppermint.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/24/11


  1. Elizabeth, I love how this starts out
    with a dark feel and you bring it into
    the light. Nice.


    • Pamela, as you know, I usually don’t like wordles, but this one was fun. Maybe because I think I know where it comes from, and the words seemed to speak fairly clearly. Thanks for your kind words,


  2. Oh Elizabeth, I really enjoyed this, you used the words so well!

    I especially loved the end…

    “and white flowers grow, filling breeze with a scent
    strangely like peppermint.”

    Wonderful. 🙂

    • Hi Susannah, I actually enjoyed this challenge. Was even pleased with the outcome. And I liked the ending as well. Thanks for stoppin,


  3. Yes, this is so good. I would have never guessed!

    • Annell, I usually also include the words on the list, but forgot it this time. I just liked playing with them. Glad you enjoyed,


  4. Absolutely beautiful – evocative, calm, subtle.

    • Thank you Viv. I like your words, will put them on a chain and take them to the kudo box.


  5. Beautiful,
    Yes I believe you know the poems ;-D
    Love the imagery, really Well Done~

    • It’s been a while since I read it, but it is the kind that sticks inside your mind. Thank you Ellen,


  6. wow! My hat is off to you! This is a fantastic poem in its own right and, incidentally, made such wonderful use of the words. This makes for very interesting reading.Good for you!

    • Didn’t realize until after I finished that it could very well be a metaphor for much of my own existence. So glad you liked it, Sherry.


  7. Elizabeth, I am looking for that field with the scent of peppermint!!

    • So am I Mary, it would mean all this snow is gone, no more than a thing of the past. If you find it, give me a call, I’ll meet you there,


  8. That peppermint is in the air…if only we could all be toad and smell it..even if just for a moment..beautifully written..and thank you so much for your goes hand-in-hand with this wonderful poem..Jae

    • Thank you much Jae Rose, I had similar thoughts when I read your poem. Maybe the scent of peppermint is a key? Toads sit on toadstools, do they not? Especially in Imaginary gardens. If we but close our eyes and breathe in, we could be there,


  9. Hey.. I read two times.. Really good.. My wishes!

    • Glad you enjoyed, Pranavam. This was a fun wordle with thirty unusual words.


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