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I Saw Sunday Week 24


For I Saw Sunday Week 24

This was the scene that greeted me Monday morning when I looked out my patio window. The drift that builds just past the wood post was about knee deep.

I spent most of the week writing poetry and posting.

Week In Review

Broken soul with holes,
in need of mending, like
a worn sock looking
for redemption. Safe
place where various threads
may be woven anew,
and journey can continue,
one small step at a time,
one stone a day laid down,
wending its way toward
balance, in fog beyond
framed window.

Elizabeth Crawford 2/26/11


  1. earlybird

    Very good image of the ‘broken soul with holes’ and the re-weaving as healing.

    • Thank you earlybird. I find that the prompts which fuel the poetry are often solidly connected to one another. Reweaving them into one single piece is a fun exercise.


  2. Spring is springing here so I don’t envy you your snow. Nice images from your week. I love ‘a worn sock looking for redemption.’

    Thanks as always for linking to I Saw Sunday. See you next time. 🙂

    • Although I am often gifted with socks, I don’t wear them, so socks looking for redemption made sense to me, after all, they can make me feel guilty just lying there, lol.


  3. Perhaps you describe all souls? We all have little holes, and signs of wear, perhaps some are better at mending then others. You speak of the illusion, “safe place,” that unknown place. Yes, it is always one step at a time, one stone at a time, and what is our position if we are seen in the “framed window?” I think a whole collection of weaving and re-weaving would be good!

    • Annell, I believe that our creative endevors are meant to heal and reweave those worn out places. To create is to soothe and mend those broken through threads. So, yes weaving and reweaving could easily be seen as a life long experience.


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