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I Saw Sunday Week 26


For I Saw Sunday Week 26



Winter does her waltz
of recession. Finally
releasing long awaited
first color. Leaving behind
brown paper leaf litter.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/13/11


  1. earlybird

    Beautiful. Both the words and the pictures.

    • Thank you earlybird. I was short on time today,


  2. Wonderfully written! :o)

    • Glad you liked it Deborah,


  3. Elizabeth, beautiful words. Indeed spring is on
    its way. I bet you are happy.


    • And that extra hour of daylight didn’t hurt anything either, today. Yes, I am more than pleased Pamela,


  4. Wow Elizabeth, that top photo is really special, I love it!

    I enjoyed your words too, I am glad winter is walking backwards. 😉

    • I took it on the run, but was caught by the sun, how it was melting the snow and turning into hard glass ice. Decided to compare that with today. And heard the poem almost immediately. Love it when that happens,


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