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I Saw Sunday Week 27


For I Saw Sunday Week 27

-Read two books during the week, and spent time talking to both of my sisters. One in person, the other on the phone. Heard a story about a very close encounter with a fierce hawk that left blood and feathers in his wake.

-Sorted through all the poetry I’ve written in the last nine months. All of it to prompts. About 80 pieces total.

-Took a brief break yesterday to visit one of my favorite parks.

Cattails, snow, and ice




Canada Geese

Tree Story

Tree Patterns


Playing With Effects


Hope you join us and tell us about your week.


  1. earlybird

    glad to see your ice is melting, Elizabeth. 80 pieces of poetry in 9 months! That’s some output…

    • Earlybird, I did not say they were all worthy of being seen or read. I did take part in the PAD Challenge and that’s 30 poems in 30 days. It was great to get out and just move. Love it when I can finally shuck that heavy winter coat.


  2. The hollow, dry stems of winter, with small creatures asleep within.

    • Thanks for visiting Harry, I really enjoyed getting outside and taking the photos, and especially like your verse about them.


  3. Wow you have a few books worth of poetry there! Lovely photo’s Elizabeth, and what a gorgeous park to visit :o)

    • Lol, Deborah, I’m only looking for one. Lots of winnowing to do. The park is a part of my childhood and I never get tired of going there. Wanted to take the photos before the spring cleanup takes place and the wild aspects get lost.


  4. Eighty? Eighty! Good grief, woman. Out of curiosity, does your brain work that fast, or are you very good about disciplining yourself? My brain takes so much time over the poems I am working on. It mulls, and stews, and marinates, and then I write the first draft…Having the wealth of prompts we have out there helps. I will sometimes be struck by lightning and produce an instant poem, but it’s all up to the synapses.
    I am glad you are so prolific because we get to read the results. Love the photographs. Those are my favourite colours for a landscape, the winter ones.

    • Hi Margo. You make me feel like an over achiever. I did the PAD challenge in November. One poem a day for 30 days makes the 80 poems a lot more understandable. I have a tendency to go look at a prompt, then just listen for a few minutes. If something whispers, I go straight to a blank sheet of paper and begin. I also consider those rough drafts, even after posting them. Which means that even after winnowing through them, I still have a lot of tweaking to do.

      I love the photos as well. To me they hold a promise of spring, even with all of that snow.


  5. Love the photos Elizabeth, such subtle colours.

    It is all yellow in my garden right now, with forsythia blooming.

    Are you planning to put your poems in order ready to print maybe? I am thinking of putting something together after seeing the Poets United anthology.

    I have only just posted my I Saw Sunday, I was late doing it this week…but at least I managed to put the linky up on time! 🙂

    Thanks for joining us at I Saw Sunday. x

    • Yes, that’s the plan Susannah. It’s a lot of work, and I’ll be a bit scarce over the coming weeks, but I figure it’s the next step in my process. Hope you find the same,


  6. Beautiful photos! Thanks for taking me to the park with you!

    • Anytime, Annell. Anytime,


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