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I Saw Sunday Week 28


For I Saw Sunday Week 28

Last week, I think I dreamed
a bit of Spring green. Foolish.
Winter came roaring in on
Wednesday, shedding
seventeen inches of his
Arctic coat upon our
weary senses.

Bedroom Window

Bedroom Window 2

Patio Doors



The sun was out but
snow was unmelting.
Found my own warmth
in smile of a Little Bird,
front and back, who
carries her own blossoms.

Kimberly 3/26/11


Kimberly 3/26/11

And another fragile feather
of delicate hues created
by one who knows how
to honor the past
and its people.

Peg Rousar Thompson

Hope you have a wonderful week and maybe join us next Sunday.


  1. earlybird

    seventeen inches! what a beauty Kimberly is. A lovely post, Elizabeth.

    • Earlybird, thank you and yes she is something else and filled my ears with laughter as she told me of the shenanigans of the seven dwarfs, she’d watched with her grandmother, my sister.


  2. Hang on. April is around the corner. We all got too hopeful and forgot how March is!

    • Thanks Margo, too bad we have to learn this every year. We forget that rebirth is a sometimes deadly struggle.


  3. The (collage) art work is sobering yet beautiful.

    • Yes, it is Harry. Peg is a former student of mine, and an incredibly creative creature. We did some collage in my classroom, but as is sometimes true, this student far outstripped her teacher. Love it when that happens,


      • Elizabeth–kudos for that comment about Peg; that’s got to be one of the most rewarding things about teaching. I love the piece too and kinda think Peg is crazy genius.

        Barbara, thanks for the kudos, but I would agree with the crazy genius. She often still sparks unrecognised aspects within my own inner workings. I love the give and receive element of teaching, one of the most basic reasons for ever doing it. Have you ever read Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach? It is an incredible book, the most common sense approach I have ever found. I was already teaching when I read it, and it confirmed to me that I was very much in the right place, doing the right thing. We need that information.


  4. Oh dear, seventeen inches of snow! It is funny how a little bit of spring can make me forget that snow is still a possibility here too.

    Beautiful pictures of Kimberly and that collage is wonderful too.

    • Thank you Susannah, we do forget what March is really all about. Transformation is never easy. My week has been full of different kinds of color.


  5. The international nature of the internet means that some of us are revelling in a radiant Spring while others are still suffering. I’m so sorry you still have snow – hoping the pesky stuff melts away very soon.

    • Well Viv, the sun is certainly shining, but the temps are staying below thirty right now. The snow is very slow to melt in those conditions. But, I have hope that soon I will be able to emerge from my cave and find those buds I dream about, and seem to fill other’s photos. Thanks for stopping,


  6. Just a reminder “he” isn’t through with us yet. The weather is beautiful today, so far a lovely spring, usually spring is quite “raw.” You never know….? And that is why we get up each morning. Loved your post.

    • Annell, yes it is hard to remember when stepping outside and having it feel like 55 degrees and shirtsleeve weather. Went out to the mouth of the river a few days ago, lots of snow, but the ice is gone and the water is moving. Good to see.


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