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I Saw Sunday Week 29


I Saw Sunday Week 29

Meeting the Hermit again
who stokes the fire within

Inner Landscape


’til the Prophet takes a walk
at mouth of river and finds
peculiar buoyancy


and this little one who has
swum far from his mother


while the Poet feeds on journey
of soul, making her own way one
day at a time, in NaPoWriMo
style and fashion. Finds her
deepest passions satisfied.


Hope you join us next week and speak of your journey.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/2/11


  1. beautiful images

    • Thank you Templeton, I love playing with colors,


  2. I especially love your fledgling photo!

    • If you click on the photos, the larger prints are clearer, and you can see him much better. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to cameras.


  3. earlybird

    Pelicans are such unlikely birds. Whenever I see one (not that often here!) I always think of that limerick: ‘a wonderful bird is the pelican, his beak will hold more than his belly can…’

    • Lol, I particularly like them because I saw my first one last summer. They are a symbol of buoyancy and the ability to dive deep and come back with what is needed to sustain life. Not a bad message,


  4. I enjoyed your photos, images and thoughts… and smiled at earlybirds comments too. 🙂

    • Thanks Susannah. I’ve been dipping into the digital art, just loving those colors. I liked earlybird’s comment as well,


  5. A lovely reminder of my favourite poem of yours.

    • Thanks Viv, they keep reminding me to work on the book. They are persistant,


  6. Gorgeous images Elizabeth and the picture of that little fledging is just wonderful!

    • We are all such suckers for those babies, any and all kinds. Thanks Deborah,


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