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I Saw Sunday Week 32


 For I Saw Sunday Week 32


Purely Purple
Under The Sea
Prairie Fire

Poppy Garden


_ This week, I saw the inside of the hospital a lot more than I would like as my sister underwent open heart surgery. It was successful and she is now home and slowly recovering.

_ Seven days, seven new poems for the Soul Journey I am taking with the Soul Cards at

_ Today is Easter Sunday, a day of celebrating rebirth and new awareness. So, I offer you some color to help you celebrate. All the images are digital art I created while taking breaks from the hospital and the poems. Have a wonderful Easter, and see you next week, on I Saw Sunday.


  1. Wonderfukl Colours!

    I really like all of your pictures Elizabeth but I am particularly struck by Prairie Fire and Afterglow, they are stunning!

    Sorry to hear about your sister it must have been a frightening time. I am glad to hear that she is doing okay.

    Wishing you much love and joy at this time of renewal and rebirth. x

    • Thank you Susannah, she is doing well. I love playing with the colors and you picked two of my favorites,


  2. Hello, Elizabeth.
    Your colours: some interesting and some vivid. Afterglow is lovely.

    Best wishes for your sister and yourself.


    • Afterglow, started out as a very detailed photo, but I played with the colors and different affects and like the suggestion of it. Thanks Harry,


  3. earlybird

    These are stunning – particularly afterglow and prairie fire. Well done!

    • Guess we have a concensus. Glad I put them up and thanks for stopping,


  4. earlybird

    sorry – I pressed that too soon. I’m glad to hear your sister is now home and I hope her recovery may be steady and complete.

    • Thanks so much for your well wishes Earlybird. Am on my way over there now.


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