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I Saw Sunday Week 33


For I Saw Sunday Week 33

_ Saw the finish of NaPoWriMo. What a fantastic soul journey that has been. Saw old friends and met some new ones. And watched the stats on my Soul’s Music site, grow far beyond my expectations. Well over two thousand hits during the month of April alone. Satisfying.

_ Sister came home from hospital and spent several days with her. She is recovering slowly from the heart surgery. But her living room is filled with flowers from well wishers.

One of many

_ Including the edible kind

tastes as good as it looks

– Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Mother’s passing. We went to a mass said for both of my parents. I sat next to my Aunt, who is my namesake and is 78 years young, and we giggled about the priest who was fighting desperately not to fall asleep during the sermon being given by the deacon. But, earlier in the day, a friend sent me a gift. She had a wonderful relationship with my Mom, and they spent a great deal of time giggling and planning pranks on my person. She couldn’t have done anything more satisfying. This is a photo taken on Mom’s 90th birthday, cut and squared by a graphics program she has promised to send me with step by step instructions.

Mom on her 90th birthday, playing “You are My Sunshine”

 You are ever in my thoughts.
Own a beautiful box
in special corner
of my mind,
squared to the nth

Elizabeth Crawford  5/1/11





  1. I am glad that your sister is recovering well, I love the look of that fruit!

    But…that box with those beautiful pictures of your mother is SO special, really, really wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Elizabeth. x

    • Thank you Susannah. The fruit was great. The box is incredible. I printed it out and framed it immediately. My sisters loved it as well.


  2. earlybird

    Happy to hear that your sister is recovering well. Great picture of your mother in a crown! What a magnificent and thoughtful present.

    • Special friend, special memories. We share them and laugh a lot. When we would go visit Mom, she’d wait for about twenty thirty minutes, then suddenly remember that she needed bananas and would look at my young friend and they would both start grinning, then disappear for about two hours. Sometimes they actually came back with the bananas.


  3. I’m so glad your sister is well Elizabeth, and the box and poem about your mum is just lovely, wonderful.

    • Thanks Deborah, yes on all of that and thanks so much for my morning laugh and the memories it illicited,


  4. Lovely post! Beautiful pic of your Mom! What a sweet remembrance.

    • The other half of the photo was her baby sister playing the harmonica with her. Again, my namesake. We swiped Mom’s from the drawer where she kept it, and alerted Aunt Betty to bring hers. It was a wonderfully full and good day for everyone,


  5. A mixture of happy news and perhaps painful thoughts too..that box is just magical though..Jae

    • Isn’t it? She knows I love boxes of all kinds and shapes. That makes it even more special. And no painful thoughts. My Mother and I had much time together before she died, and we used it well. Thanks for the visit, but even more for your poem today. You really are incredible, lady,


      • Thanks’s good to visit one of your sites seems too the best the best place to find you now? Jae

        Read your poem today and feel exactly the same way…much too long. I have four blogs, you can find me at any or all of them on a pretty regular basis: main poetry site intuition and creativity writing about writing
        and here for overflow poetry and I Saw Sunday

        Thanks for coming back and asking,


  6. ‘You are my sunshine’ . . . I managed to sing a modified version at our golden wedding.

    She looks to be a grand lady – your mum.

    • Harry, that is a family tradition. Have a video of Mom, younger sister, oldest daughter, and myself singing it in harmoney. We did it again, at the end of the dinner after her funeral. This time with the addition of her youngest great-grandchild. She taught us all to love music.


  7. Wonderful memories. You’ve been teasing me that your closeup pictures don’t work: they’re all beautiful.

    • Viv, I am just a beginner, never having owned a camera before. There are far more blurred ones than those that are clearly defined. The blurred ones don’t go to waste however. Those are what I use for playing around with and making the digital art images. I am learning however, it all takes time. Thanks for stopping by,


  8. I am glad that your sister is recovering, I really love the look of that fruit, so beautifully done!

    Take Care

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