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I Saw Sunday Week 34


For I Saw Sunday Week 34

– Busy week lacking any great deal of focus. Words and images, and playing with colors certainly seemed to win out against new and unusual words.

On The Edge

This one became new banner for my poetry site at

– Did take some time to get a few photos in my sister’s backyard.

potted plant being readied for outdoor existence

along with this one:


 Then watched a cat and mouse game between this little squirrel

He stayed like this for at least 15 minutes, not moving

And this still statue almost impossible to see.


– Just before we went back into the house, we noticed that the squirrel had disappeared, so had the hawk.

A strange set of circumstances had me going in search of a musical video. Spent several moments through the week, listening to it several times. It brings back a lot of memories, and the music makes you want to clap your hands and stomp your feet. Hope you enjoy:

The video is from the movie Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds.

Come join us each Sunday and tell us the highlights of your week.


  1. earlybird

    Some lovely pictures, Elizabeth. The hawk and squirrel were a fascinating play. Have a good week. No leaves on the trees for you yet, I see.

    • Earlybird, no there are no leaves yet, although some of the flowers are definitely in bloom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a squirrel sit that long without a single twitch. Thanks for stoppin by,


  2. Thanks for the ‘duelling banjos’ Elizabeth, that certainly livened my morning and left me with a smile on my face. 🙂

    I really like how you have used your images for headers both on your poetry blog and this blog (background too)they look great.

    Lovely photos too. I hope your sister is recovering well.

    Have a wonderful week. x

    • Sister has been told she can start driving the car tomorrow. She’s also been walking on a regular basis, about thirty minutes but paced slowly. Just in time for warmer weather.

      Dueling banjoes is one of my favorites and is tied to an adventure concerining a tipped canoe and having to walk out over a high tressle bridge without handrails.

      I am really enjoying the digital art, mainly because there is no clean-up and erasures are done with a few clicks. Thanks for the opportunity to share this weekly review.


  3. I love those daisies.

    • So do I Viv. They are my sisters favorites and fast becoming my own,


  4. Flowers so beautiful! And all the life around you, you live in a wonderland!

    • Would prefer my wonderland be adorned with bright green leaves, but I’ll make do, lol. Thanks so much Annell,


  5. ‘On the edge’ header has a sumptious veiling effect.

    Our grey squirrels have moved away – perhaps, for once, we will have some hazels this Autumn.

    • He looked awfully small up in that tree. Glad you like the digital art, I am certainly enjoying the exploration,


  6. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Kim, glad you liked it,


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