Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words

Collab #2


ELizabeth Crawford

The violet hour

between day and evening

blesses us with calm

Jinksy 5/17/11

Collab #2

The image is mine and started out as a small pot of blossoms on my sister’s patio. It was blurred, so I decided to use it for play, blurring it even more, then adding a few colors and different layers of effects. Jinksy wrote to the image as it is, and I love what she did, creating a definite mood and setting.

Jinksy’s blogs can be found here:  as well
as here:  On Thursday, we will reverse that order and she will post one of her images, on her site, to which I have responded.

If you would like to respond to the image, please do so. If your writing is less than ten lines, please feel free to enter it here, below in the comments section. If you would prefer to post your response on your own blog, please come back and leave the URL for your post in that section, so we can come and see what you have created.  Thanks.


  1. Flowers or time of day, wonderful idea to investigate. My favorite color! And green, and yellow. Love them all.

    • I like this image, it suggests a great deal more than it actually reveals. I think that’s one of the reasons I like digital art. I love the colors as well, so easy to get lost in them. Thanks for stopping in,


      • I thought it looked like a painted meditation!

        Jinksy, I think the time I use doing this often has a meditative quality about it. I always feel more at peace after a good session of playing with the colors. Thanks much,


      • I absolutely love your images, Betty (Elizabeth) Far out!! and so beautiful!!1
        Karen Brendemihl

        Thanks so much Karen. Went to your blog and enjoyed the poem about what you do. Glad you stopped by and even more that you like the images. I love doing them. Thanks again for stopping cuz,


  2. earlybird

    This image is amazing, Elizabeth. Positively Impressionist.

    • Thanks Earlybird, really liked your short piece for Magpie Tales. Lots going on in that one pic. Glad you enjoyed the image, I certainly like doing them,


  3. Gorgeous!!!

    • Thanks again cuz, for taking the time to look and comment,


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