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I Saw Sunday Week 36


For I Saw Sunday Week 36

Went to my sister’s and saw:

Green had come to Wisconsin,

becoming host to rioting
hues in blooms on ground
and magnolia tree.

mysterious rubber tree
saplings transplanted by animal
of wood or air, have taken
root right there

near hallowed out tree
which seems to offer
a squirrel drive thru
to a dark fantasy world.

Come join us and share your week in review.


  1. earlybird

    There’s something about magnolias, isn’t there. The perfect waxyness of the flowers, maybe. It seems as if spring has arrived at last, Elizabeth. Enjoy!

    • I know little of magnolias, and was really surprized by the very sturdy waxy petals that looked so fragile and delicate. We are very late in arriving this year, but that only means that the colors are all the more enjoyed,


  2. Oh so beautiful! Nothing so beautiful in my tiny garden, struggling in the desert, but it is growing. Need to weed. Weeds always do best. Must decide they are my favorites.

    • Some of the weeds were once my favorites, Annell. I go to my sister’s just to enjoy walking around her yard and enjoying all there is to be seen.


  3. The hollow tree looks a good place to hang out – if you had a lot of legs.

    • My sister says they call it the Animal Tree and have watched squirrels duck inside at the bottom, then emerge ten or twelve feet higher in its branches.


      • earlybird

        that’s wonderful! I see now why it’s a squirrel drive thru fantasy world.

  4. Spring comes late in Wisconsin. A beautiful Sunday.

    • Very late this year, and therefore probably far more appreciated, Viv. Like your photo essay of the gathering,


  5. Oooh I am glad to see that colour has arrived and your spring has sprung. 🙂 I love the little rubber tree saplings and what lovely colours those tulips are!

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us. x

    • Thanks Susannah, I have been trying to wait patiently, but it has been difficult, but certainly felt rewarded to find all these colors last week,


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