Ladies In Waiting

Waiting on Words

Collab #3


Elizabeth Crawford


Underwater world
welcomes the kiss of sunbeams
which enrich all life.
Depths and heights intermingle
and exchange hidden knowledge.

Jinksy  5/24/11

Collab #3: Again, my image and Jinksy’s words. If you have a response to the image, you can put it here in the comments section, or leave the URL of your own blog and post it there. The more the merrier.

Jinksy will do the reverse on Thursday, using one of her images and my response to it. Jinksy’s blogs may be found here:     
and here:

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Your image makes me feel like a diver in the inky blue deep.

    • Glad to see you here and thanks for taking the time to look, read and comment, Annell,


  2. That image is just gorgeous, Elizabeth. Lovely poem as well.


    • Pamela, I love doing the digital art, no mess, not extra tools, and no clean-up. Glad you enjoyed,


  3. Hi Elizabeth, I love this image and thought I would join in this time. 🙂 Sorry to be a bit late to it but blogger has been having issues and I have only just been able to access my blog.

    If you click on my name it should take you to my contribution. (I will leave the link here as well just in case that doesn’t work!)=-

    • Ps. In my haste I forgot to say how much I liked jinksy’ words. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Susannah. Love what you found and it happens to be one of my favorite topics, as well. So glad you joined in, hope others will do the same,


      • And yes, I agree. Love what Jinksy did, especially that last line which hints at so much mystery,


  4. Braja

    beautiful…well done ladies…I love it….

    • Thank you very much Braja, glad you like it,


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