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Weather, Feathers, Water and Fish

For I Saw Sunday Week 37

Weather, Feathers, Water and Fish

Cloud action spoke
of forbidding weather
then broke apart
’til feathered friends
could fly again.

From hawk to swallow
to sparrow on roof,
and a fish with mouth
wide open.

But week was not complete
until pelicans flew overhead
and swam in river.

Elizabeth Crawford 5/28/11

Hope you can come and join us and tell us what you saw this week.


  1. earlybird

    Wonderfully matched words and photos. Not easy ones to take, I imagine. I’m always fascinated by pelicans. They look such unlikely, exotic birds!

    • It took two days of trying because the wind was quite strong the first time around and the images came out blurry. Pelicans amaze me, as one wouldn’t expect to find them this far North. And they really do seem to have individual personalities, as well.


  2. Lovely poem – with your characteristic internal rhyme. The pictures are fascinating – one enormous fish! I’ve not seen pelicans close-up like that.

    • The fish was a total surprise. Didn’t realize I had captured him. The pelicans are wonderful to watch in the air, and taking off from the water. They are really huge and I love watching them. They are a symbol of bouancy and they certainly prove that fact in the water. They sit so lightly at its surface. Thanks for stopping in,


  3. What great photos! I particularly liked the 7th one down (sky, flying bird, sun peeking through and a hint of greenery) and the one with three pelicans, you have captured the water so well in all of the pelican photos.

    And all nicely summed up in your poem.

    Wonderful! 🙂

    • Thank you Susannah. Really enjoyed being out in the fresh air this week. A bit of a nip at the mouth of the river, but so satisfying to just sit and watch all the pelicans. You picked several of my favorites as well,


  4. Pelicans and the cheeky European house -sparrow. And maybe even a carp with wide open maw. Is it Louisiana?

    • Nope, sorry Harry, much further North. Mid-eastern Wisconsin. Think that’s why the pelicans so fascinate me. They are incredibly abundant this year. And the carp was a surprise. Was just clicking camera trying to capture the fast running water. Didn’t know I had him till I got back and pulled him up close. Thanks for stopping in and taking a guess, lol,


  5. Ena

    Fun poem 🙂 Love the picture of the fish.

    • I have learned that with my digital camera, it doesn’t hurt to point and shoot. Sometimes you actually pull in a really good one. Thanks Ena and welcome to the merry little band,


  6. I like your water pictures, but I like your poem even better. Great job.

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