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Collab #4 Breakers At Midnight

by Elizabeth Crawford


Your fingers caress the black and white keys,
rhythms of life cradled between your hands
fill the universe with stars. They light candles
in my mind, as Earth and Sky and Sea
all merge within the music of your love.

Blue waves of awareness circle round
and oceans create life from out its depths.
The heavens spin with waves of melody,
nourishing the universal song
and igniting wonder beyond knowing.

Jinksy 5/30/11

Collab #4:  My image to which Jinksy responded. However, this one has an extra step of unwitting collaboration. Jinksy said she had the image in mind when she visited a site called The Deep Blue Piano.  And all three things seemed to come together. The music site may be found here:

Jinksy’s site is located here, where she posts her images with my responses on Thursdays.

If you would like to respond to the image, please feel free to do so, either in the comments section below, or on your own blog. Please leave your URL so we can come and see what you have done.

Thanks for visiting,



  1. Once again a wonderful image and beautiful response from Jinksy! I have written my response too(not very polished and not a patch on jinksy’s! but a response never the less.) It is here –

    • Susannah, I love what you did. No comparisons, please. We each do our own thing and when it all comes together there is always a bit of magic, yes?


      • Yes, I agree Elizabeth. 🙂

        (I have left you a reply to your comment on my blog.)

  2. Enjoyed the post.

    • Thank you Annell. That means a lot coming from you, my friend,


  3. dear jinksy (Penny) and Elizabeth,

    I am honored and grateful for your gifted writing and how eager you are to share your gifts with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for linking my website to your wonderful gifted world of poetry. I am speechless, really, but please know you are special people and I look forward to reading your poetry and I truly feel exalted by this.


    • I am so glad you enjoyed this. Jinksy thought it would be neat if we could link your music to both the image and poetry of the post. But, I am a technonincompoop when it comes to such things. Got any ideas? I love piana music, grew up with it as both of my older siblings played. Then got an old piano gifted to me after marriage and my oldest daughter sat down and played it as if she’d been doing it for years. She was no more than nine or ten at the time. Music is in the genes, I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  4. Blogger has been very slow to let me catch up with this post and its comments! I feel like I’m the last guest to arrive at the party!! LOL!
    But that doesn’t stop me enjoying the other ‘guests’ in full. Our cyberspace links make my soul sing! Thanks!!

    • Blogger seems to be having a few fits of late. About making souls sing: I have always done well with melody and you certainly do some mean harmony, but I’m thinking we might need a bit of bass and even a second soprano. What you say? lol,


  5. Beautiful poem…Jinksy suggested I came over…really glad I did. Here’s what I wrote for Oneshotwednesday: 🙂

    • Hi Louise and welcome. Glad you could stop by and I liked your story about the woman in the mirror. Maybe you could try doing a short for one of these images? That would be wonderful.


      • Hi Elizabeth…I would really like that! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it is a real pleasure to meet you.

  6. Elizabeth and Jinksy, I hope to get around to writing to this lovely image sometime this week. Nice response Jinksy.


    • Take your time Pamela, you have all week. And thanks for stopping by,


  7. Wow, great soothing words! I more like punch my keys as I type! lol

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I don’t punch the keys, that would hurt,

      Elizabeth, is there an echo in here?

  8. Elizabeth and Jinksy, thanks for the inspiration, after an exhausting work week.


    • Wonderful Pamela, now you have to explain the cleave poem to me. Thanks so much for joining in,


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