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I Saw Sunday Week 38

For I Saw Sunday Week 38

The Nature Center

Green invitation to leisurely stroll

past a fenced field where wildflowers wave in the breeze

sometimes bending to embrace the bark of trees.

And where goslings form a fuzzy puddle of soft yellow
and tan, watched over by what they dream of becoming.

While two of their elders take their place in water
with agility and grace,

and a blackbird hides her face as she passes silently,
flashing bright crimson slash on her sleeve.

On her way to the waterfall where a couple of mallards
float in fast moving waters

and a pelican displays his indomitable supremacy (looking
a bit like a luxury yacht unaware of the nearby speedboat).

Hope you come and share what you have seen this week.


  1. Rinkly Rimes

    It all looks positively idyllic.

    • I haven’t been to the place in several years and it has changed incrdibly. Most of what you see here didn’t exist a few years ago. It was hard to leave,


  2. What a wonderful walk. Your pictures are splendid.
    I particularly love the fuzzy puzzle of goslings.

    • They were my favorites as well. Was surprised that the adult birds allowed us to get so close.


  3. What lovely photos Elizabeth, you really are putting your camera to good use. 🙂

    I especially like the first two photos, it looks a wonderful place to spend some time. And the goslings are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing these – and have a wonderful week ahead. x

    • thanks Susannah, I am doing just that and having a great time of it. This place was a huge surprise from the last time I was there. I did manage the walk but used most of the benches provided.


  4. Ena

    Thanks for sharing photos of your walk today. I love that picture of the goslings. How cute! 🙂

    • thanks Ena, I really enjoyed it myself and will certainly return soon,


  5. Ena

    Thanks for sharing photos of your walk today. I love that picture of the goslings. How cute!

    (I’m having trouble posting this comment. I apologize if it goes through half a dozen times!)

    • It’s okay Ena, sometimes my spamometer acts up and I don’t have a clue why or what it is doing,


  6. earlybird

    I love my Sunday walks with you! Pelican=luxury yacht made me smile too.

    • It always amazes me how really huge they are. The Canada geese are far from tiny, but he sure makes me think of a tug boat in this one. Glad you enjoyed the walk Earlybird,


  7. Wonderful pictures! … and those little goslings :o)

    • Actually, there were two groups of them and four adults sitting protectively around them. They just wouldn’t fit all in one photo and be recognizable as such. Thanks for stopping in Deborah,


  8. Ah, so peaceful; your photos engage one’s senses!
    Thank you for the lovely stroll; when I am stuck or feeling not so great about my artistic endeavors a walk with camera in hand, fixes my mood!
    Gorgeous pics~

    • I am a beginner when it comes to photography. My family gave me a digital camera for Christmas and I am just having fun. I love this weekly review because it makes one more aware and gives me a good reason to go looking for pics to take. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Gorgeous, Elizabeth!

    • Thanks so much Pamela, I am really enjoying the new camera.


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