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Collab #5 Forest FLoor


Forest Floor by Elizabeth Crawford

Deep in the soil
tender roots transform
into life.
A miracle flourishes
in the forest canopy.

Jinksy  6/7/11

Collab #5:  This time we reversed the order. Jinksy wrote the words and I created the image to go with them. This one has so many layers to it, but I certainly liked the outcome. You can click on the image to get a larger version and a better feel for the layers. Please feel free to respond to the image, either here in the comments section, or on your own blog. Leave a URL so we can come and see what you have created.

Jinksy does a turn about on Thursdays, using one of her images and my words. Her site may be found here:  Hope you enjoy.



  1. Once again I love the picture and jinksy’s words wonderfully capture the marvel of what goes on in these beautiful and often unseen places.

    I have joined in again.:-) I captured my first response on looking at the picture and didn’t read what jinksy had written until after (I didn’t want to be influenced!) 😉

    My link can be found by clicking on my name or here –

    • Thanks so much for joining in Susannah. Love what you did. I have written about being a sister to trees and you capture that feeling well. Love it,


  2. Love the image, Elizabeth. Jinksy, what a perfect response to it. I will get to this sometime this week.
    Thanks for being here.
    btw, I am over at wordpress now. I will be posting most of my work there. Still trying to get the feel of it.


    • Pamela, hope you find your way through the new blog process, and will enjoy seeing what you do with the image. Thanks so much for joining in,


  3. Hi Elizabeth and Jinksy, managed to write a short one. Thanks for this site.

    From Cliff to Bottom

    • Sorry Pamela, I can’t get on your new site. Wish I understood why you are having so many problems. I love WordPress and really don’t understand what’s going on,


      • Elizabeth, I just clicked on the link and it took me there. The problem I had was that I changed the title of the blog, but never changed the link to match. So, the link to get to my blog is,

        I am so technically challenged sometimes 🙂


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