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I Saw Sunday Week 40

I Saw Sunday Week 40

Standing between
sunset and moonrise,
reading story
of sky
in colors both
and fierce.

Swirling emotional
of life lived
in fleeting

Elizabeth Crawford 6/18/11

Hope you come and join us and tell us about your week in words and images.


  1. earlybird

    Lovely words and poem, Elizabeth.

    • The experience is hard to translate, sort of liked being wrapped in moody skies. Thanks Early bird,


  2. Beautiful poem and wonderful skies!

    • Thank you Deborah, your post had me laughing and shaking my head, lol,


  3. Beautiful photos Elizabeth, especially that last one!

    Wow, it looks like the sky is on fire!

    I love your words too – ,especially . . .

    “Swirling emotional
    of life lived
    in fleeting

    A lovely post. Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday. x

    • I loved the contrast between the muted shades and then that sudden incredible burst of color. Loved your photos, all of them.


  4. And how right you are – all life is lived in fleeting moments, not two alike… I loved the big, misty moon image.

    • Secret? I hugged myself when I saw that it had accually turned out. I love it too,


  5. SO beautiful, Elizabeth! “between sunset and moonrise” – a beautiful place to be.

    • Yes it was Sherry and I can only hope I get to go there again,


  6. Just fragments, really. Lovely combined with images!

    • Thank you Annell, I found your poems haunting.


  7. Ena

    Beautiful poem, and that last photo is gorgeous… I love sunsets.

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