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Tuesday Collab #7

Storm by P1ece5

Rainbow by Elizabeth Crawford

 Thunder storms of youth
crackle with lightening.

Age brings rainbows,
as purple skies change to perfect blue.

Whole spectrum healing light
fills souls with arching wonder
at each new revelation;
a promise by the universe
that rain clouds will always bow to sun,
whose radiance must command
our respect for its power.

Jinksy  6/21/11

Collab #7: This again, is more than a two-way collaboration. I used a graphics program to create the image of the rainbow (an experiment, just to see if it would work). Then showed it to a friend, who asked if she could play with it, creating the funnel cloud and lightening image. Then Jinksy kindly responded to both. A group effort, but one that turned out exceptionally well.

You are welcome to respond to either of the images, or both. You can do that here in the comments section, or by leaving the URL for your own site so we can come to see what you have created.


  1. That’s what I call teamwork… Eat your heart out, weather forecasters! LOL

    • Teamwork it is, and love it profusely,


  2. Beautifully done by both of you! You work well together.

    • Thank you Renee, I am really enjoying the digital art, especially now that I have a very patient teacher.


  3. Love that top image, Elizabeth.


    • She’s really good, isn’t she? I was floored when she set it back to me. Such a gift, like the puzzle poems I intend to try, thanks to you, Pamela,


  4. Better late than never! I am here and here’s mine – As Within, So Without . . .


    • Really liked what you did from the image. This team work thing is fascinating and simply inspires more inspiration. Love it. And thanks for being who you are,


  5. I love both images but the bottom one has something that really touched me, it is absolutely beautiful and has an ethereal quality that I love.

    Jinksy I love your words, I especially liked – “Age brings rainbows,
    as purple skies change to perfect blue.”

    Wonderful work both of you!


    • Susannah, the etheral quality might actually come from the fact that I was holding my breath while doing it. I so wanted it to turn out. It surpassed my hopes and I’m so glad you like it. And I love the way Jinksy pulled both images together in her poem. Good work going on here,


  6. Hello.
    I’m dropping by from Jinksy’s blog.
    The two of you definitely have chemistry.
    Lovely collaboration!

    • Thank you Andy for taking the time to visit and comment. Yes, we seem to move on a similar wavelength although are quite different in both imagery and verse. The blogosphere is a wonderful place.


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