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I Saw Sunday Week 41

For I Saw Sunday Week 41

Evening drive, outer loop
road of local University
extension. Acres reserved
for prairie fields and trees.
Greenery in kaleidoscope
variety, wild flowers, weeds
swaying in evening breeze.
Even a few strange students
from campus, bit on the wild
side, sitting in grass, playing
childhood game of Statues,
climbing through trees, eating
pick-up picnic, inhaling some weed.

Then a bit of cloud action,
sunset and shadows on Bay,
and one very tall, comelyΒ 
and curvy stranger.

Must confess, I was driving and my daughter took over half of these pictures. I would point and she would click. Sometimes we work well together. Hope you come and join us, tell and show us what you saw during the week.


  1. Beautiful!! In comparison to dry, brown south Texas, these pictures are absolutely refreshing! Thanks for sharing what you saw…


    • Thanks pm, I have visited your region and it holds its own beauty. But, I have always thought that Wisconsin green is different from others. Can’t explain it, just love it,


  2. Below the rabbit: Is that the real ground hog – from Ground Hog Day?
    It seems all wilderness, a though a Cherokee might appear, but then I spot a lamp-post.
    The gentle doe, caught chewing leaves, is lovely.

    • Harry, we don’t call them ground hogs, rather woodchucks. Lots of them around here and they are usually pretty shy creatures. The drive through was an invigorating experience and one that will definitely be repeated. But there are definite signs of civilization through out. Photos are so wonderfully choosy, aren’t they?

      I have never been quick enough to capture such a photo before. It was thrilling and I think my excitement was irritating my daughter. The doe played hide and seek with us, and then we saw the second one and were far more ready for it.


  3. earlybird

    Lovely pictures, Elizabeth. Particularly the groundhog and the surprised doe.

    • Lol, I got so excited, I slapped my daughter’s arm. Really startled her. It took some doing but we finally got the shot of the doe. The woodchuck seemed definitely willing to pose for us, and the rabbit played a bit of hide and seek. It was fun. And thanks for the visit,


  4. Love them all – animals, trees, clouds, specially the wiggly tree.

    • I was so glad to find that tree, and didn’t realize til I got home that I hadn’t stepped back enough to get the whole of him. Loved your restoration story, and thanks so much for stopping by,


  5. Great photos. But how wonderful to catch the photos of the ‘wildlife’! Especially the lovely deer and what I gather from the other comments is a groundhog. πŸ™‚ Just wonderful. πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed the ‘mean and moody’ water shots too.

    Thanks as always for sharing with I Saw Sunday. x

    • I am like a child with the camera. The world is new again, seen so differently. Can only thank you for sharing this space with all of us.


  6. Ena

    I love the photos of the animals! We saw a fox on the drive home tonight, but that’s it. We have lots of wildlife, but they prefer to hide πŸ˜‰

    • Ena, most do. But, family, friends, and former students believe I have some sort of affinity with wild creatures, including birds. They seem to find me, wherever I am. This was a wonderful half hour of friendly wild creatures and I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for stopping in,


  7. These pictures are great. Especially love the wildlife ones.

    Thanks for sharing what you saw!

    Thanks also for commenting at my blog.

    • Glad you enjoyed, Andy, and hope you join in the fun of show and tell. It is something that really enriches ones writing skills, storing bits and pieces for later use.


  8. Absolutely breathtaking, Elizabeth. I love every single one, and now I want to visit your neck of the woods πŸ™‚


    • Come on up, would love to see you and just drive around and show you all the most interesting places. Wouldn’t that be fun?


  9. That was a whole lot of green stuff. No wonder the wildlife is abundant…

    • Thanks Jinksy, I am always so amazed by how many different shades of green there are, and all here in one place. And yes, we do have a lot of wildlife, animal and human alike, lol. I prefer the four-legged and feathered, myself, most of the time.


  10. lovely photos.. you are lucky to live in such beautiful natural surroundings..

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