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I Saw Sunday Week 43

For I Saw Sunday Week 43

Nature’s Way

There was a time, long ago,
when I watched my grandmother
watching my mother as she kept
a silent eye on her offspring.

Years later, mine were the silent
eyes watching, looking up to see
my mother nodding in recognition
while I watched my offspring.

Now, I watch my daughters
silently keeping an eye on their
daughters, and I nod in recognition
at the rightness of things.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/9/11

Last night, went for a drive wanting to find some photos to share today. Had one of those incredible, “Pinch me, this is actually happening,” moments.


  1. earlybird

    You’ve captured the maternal cycle beautifully in your poem, Elizabeth and the pictures are just amazing. I love the way the light makes the ears so transparently vulnerable.

    • I am always amazed at the awareness these gentle creatures bring to me. She watched as we snapped the photos, always aware of where her young ones were. That was the reason for the poem. Thank you Earlybird, I loved the images of your grand nephew in his wine cask cradle.


  2. Love the fourth shot down, where the sun sculpts the deer’s body…

    • And I particularly like that one because of the fawn peeking out from behind her flank, curious and so childlike. Thanks Jinksy, I enjoyed reading your calm detailed commentary,


  3. What beautiful photo’s, you’re so lucky to have seen them. Moments like that are so thrilling, and to have got such lovely shots too!
    I just LOVED the poem Elizabeth, really loved it.

    • Deborah, I was hugging myself the entire time, hoping I wouldn’t screw them up, lol. I spoke softly to her, the entire time, thanking her and reassuring her that I meant no harm to her or them. She certainly seemed to be listening. The poem started writing itself as soon as I downloaded and saw the photos. Thanks for stopping by and I enjoyed your biker story,


  4. I adored the poem Elizabeth! And those photo’s are outstanding! So beautiful. You have really outdone yourself this week!!

    Wonderful stuff, thanks very much for sharing this with I Saw Sunday. x

    • Thanks Susannah, I couldn’t wait to put them up. As a child, I would ride with my mom and dad through the back woods, always trying to spot deer. I thought about them and how often one or the other would say, “too bad we don’t have the camera.” I’ve got tons of pics to make up for, lol. Pet Bina for me, such a wonderful creature to live with.


  5. Life is most “dear” when we realize it is perfect, just as you said in your poem.

    • Annell, I get these responses by email first, and your new ID baffled me until I saw the picture here, lol. I like the poem as well and thank you. Glad to hear you finally got rain, and hope your next exhibit visit is more rewarding,


  6. Poem and pictures, exquisite. Thank you for the treat.

    • And thank you for the visit. Still thinking about those steps in your photos. Made me tired just looking at them,



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