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I Saw Sunday Week 44

For I Saw Sunday Week 44: Week In Review

Restless, like a seagull,

am drawn to river,
as it tumbles to find
level of rest.

Symbol of life,
it wends its way
around and through
obstacles set in its course.

In quieter moments,
reflects details of life
it constantly nourishes,

sometimes even revealing
what flourishes, hidden
beneath its surface.

Over time smoothes
rough purpose with
flowing rhythms

beneath bridge, constructed
path allowing access between
its banks.

Ripples easily embrace,
give support to whatever
seeks its cradle
of momentary comfort.

Perhaps humming, as I do,
these words from song heard
long ago,

River, teach me how to float…*

Elizabeth Crawford  7/16/11

*Lyrics from Washing of The Water
by Peter Gabriel

Hope you come and join us, tell and/or show us your week, just past.


  1. earlybird

    A delightful meander, Elizabeth. I particularly liked
    ‘Over time smoothes
    rough purpose with
    flowing rhythms’

    • Earlybird, I left restless and came back satisfied. The river, water, always has that effect on me. Thanks for stopping and glad you enjoyed,


  2. A gem of a post. A river is an enchantment, which your little poems enhance.

    • Enchantment is a very good word, Viv. I always feel better after being near moving water. It may very well be that is the rough purpose being soothed in the poem. Thanks for your kind and generous words,


  3. This shows that life stories can be connected to any form and the essence will still be the same

  4. I love your mix of photos and words (wisdom too). 😉

    I enjoyed the water photos but was particularly taken with the bridge. A lovely post Elizabeth, thanks very much for sharing with I Saw Sunday. x

    • I particularly liked that photo of the bridge and had to work a bit to get it in here. All the photos (incuding the bridge) were within a five minute walk from my car. Good thing, this old woman can’t move that well any more. And thank you Susannah for providing this space each week,


  5. Even the planks of the bridge, and its shadows, seem to flow like a river…

    • Thanks for noticing Jinksy, the very reason I wanted to include it here,


  6. Worlds on worlds are rolling ever. From creation to decay, Like the bubbles on a river,
    Sparkling, bursting, borne away.

    —Percy Bysshe Shelley,

    Ah, rivers! Restful places.

    • Harry, thank you for the quote and it does mirror how I feel about this place and others. Rivers are restful places, and have dreamed of living on one many many times,


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