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I Saw Sunday Week 45

For I Saw Sunday Week 45

Heat of sun
fashions thirst
that only cold water
might quench.

Yet, when these two
meet to play,
create dazzling display
that dances out
to meet, to greet
and fill the senses
of all who are present.

Elizabeth Crawford  7/23/11

Through this past week, the heat has been too much to venture into. Last evening, finally got out and turned toward the Bay for cooling refreshment. When downloading the images, a particular song kept running through my head. I offer it here for your viewing and listening pleasure.  To maximize the video, simply click on the four small directional arrows at the bottom right of the screen. My wish for you is the same as that in the song.

Hope you come and join us and show/tell us about your week just past.


  1. Glorious watery light…

    • It was all the refreshment I needed. Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Sunlight on water – perfect:-)

    • Thanks jabblog, I’m so glad I have this camera,


  3. Wow what gorgeous pictures, I crave water and sometimes nothing but a vast expanse like that will do!

    Thanks very much for linking these to I Saw Sunday, and for the link to the musical accompaniment. 🙂 I ended up listening to three more John Denver tracks while I was there! Lots of memories.

    • Only three? I spent over an hour, lol. I know all the words to most of his songs, it’s hard to resist, but then had to come back here and decide between Sunshine on My Shoulders and Annie’s song which begins “You fill up my senses,” Who cares, I enjoyed all of it. And thanks for these reviews of the week. They take me to different avenues of thought, that might be lost without them,


  4. It hasn’t been been heat which has kept me indoors this week, but constant rain. I dread too much hot weather because it sends my heart into overdrive. Your lovely pictures and poem cheered me immensely.

    • We’ve had an ugly heat wave with heat alerts almost daily and thunderstorms that have not abated that. I don’t do too well in the sun either so am careful not to go out until late afternoon, early evening. I’m so glad my post cheered you, Viv.


  5. Beautiful. 🙂 I love photos of the sky and sunsets.

    • So do I Paul, have more of those than almost anything else. Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit,


  6. earlybird

    This is absolutely right: “…dazzling display
    that dances out
    to meet, to greet
    and fill the senses”

    Perfectly expressed, Elizabeth.

    • Thanks Earlybird, I love sunlight on water, moonlight is even better.


  7. Beautiful, isn’t Mother Nature amazing!!

    • She certainly is Daydremertoo. Fascinating and often exhilerating as well,


  8. these are stunning.. Have a great day!

    • Welcome Patricia, thanks for stopping by,


  9. Have you checked out my meme? If not, come take a stab at the questions:

    • Will do so soon Jennifer, thanks for stopping by,


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