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I Saw Sunday Week 46

For I Saw Sunday Week 46

It has been a difficult week, filled with mostly unwanted news of death and sickkness. However, I did have a chance to get out a bit and got some pictures.

This is a small park called Wiquiock Falls. The falls are hidden from view behind trees and dense vegetation. One must approach on foot and the first picture is taken from the back of the falls. You can see the very shallow water that trickles down into this small hidden gouge in the earth’s surface.

At the top of the picture is a railed walkway. One must walk around the dense vegetation protected by a wood and stone fence.

Which leads to a crooked staircase that twist down into the darkness.

I knew if I went down, I might not get back up, so handed the camera off to my daughter, who got this one slightly blurred image of the water that trickles down to feed and nurture the greenery that inhabits this quiet little hidden grotto.

But also caught these two tiny creatures playing hide and seek in the leaves.

We then headed for Bay Shore, another park that sits upon a limestone escarpment on the shore of the Bay. A winding road cuts through the limestone which is covered with trees and more deep greenery,

wending its way down to the Bay where there is a public boat launch.

The upper level of the park contains a camp grounds thick with trees and a definite invitation to sit awhile and commit gluttony of the eye.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a very swift but harsh thunderstorm that only lasted for fifteen minutes.

We lost all power for about an hour and a half. I went out on the patio to read in the best light I could find, and also found these finches bringing sunlight with them as they congregated and communed at the feeder.

Hope you join us and share your own experiences with words and/or photos.



  1. Well, that’s a collection of sights to feast the eyes upon…But the colour of that insect’s body is the icing on the cake!

    • Seems almost artificial, doesn’t it Jinksy? That or wrapped in colored foil. I’m so glad we took the time. I’m really enjoying these excursions and relearning the dilights of this place I grew up in.


  2. Beautiful, natural photos.

    • Thank you smkelly, I really like my home state, especially in the summertime.


  3. Sorry you’re having a sad time, Elizabeth, but I’m glad you took time out to take these photographs to share with us. I love that phrase “gluttony of the eyes”. The insect is probably a damsel fly..

    • I think they are dragonflies, Viv. Damselflies pull their wings in toward their bodies after landing. The dragonflies keep them upright. The excursion to get photos did bring about some balance to the week, and thanks to my camera I am always committing gluttony, lol.


  4. Those photos are great! What a wonderful place, I would love it there, I’m sure. All that dense greenery and water too!

    I think that those photos of the insect are great, what a beautiful colour and you captured its shadow as well!

    Lovely stormy skies and thouse finches are like a splash of sunshine.

    So sorry that you had a difficult week. x

    Thanks for sharing with I Saw Sunday.

    • Thanks for your concern Susannah. I’m just glad the week is over and the next one may be better. I loved all the photos I took this week. I’ve been trying to capture the finches for some time, but they are so incredibly quick that it was fast becoming a contest I couldn’t win. And then there they were, right outside my own back door. I needed that,


  5. Lovely photos. Summer looks excellent over there. 🙂

    • Thanks Paul, I’m not sure there is a better place to be in summer. All that green is energizing and oh so satisfying,


  6. earlybird

    Lovely calm pictures. I envy you all that dense, heavy green. I miss big trees.

    May this week be better.

    • Earlybird, the photos got me out and I find serenity in all that greenery. It helped a great deal, and thanks for the thoughtfulness,


  7. So glad I stopped by to see all your wonderful photo’s … I do hope things get better for you soon x

    • Thanks Deborah, and they have gotten better. At least have slowed down a bit,


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